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New Dead by Daylight Killer Teased In Cryptic Updates

Dead by Daylight is back with another teaser week, this time hinting at Chapter 31's next killer.
New Dead by Daylight Killer Teased In Cryptic Updates
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight has posted a series of cryptic messages to its social media account stories, hinting to the possible identity of the next killer for Chapter 31. The story posts, which are available on Instagram and Facebook, showcase four different recordings: 412 Green Peaks Rd, 412 Greek Peaks Rd 2, 412 Greek Peaks Rd 3, and 412 Greek Peaks Rd 4. 

Also included amongst the posts was a screenshot of a message posted to a "Green Peaks Rd Neighbors group," giving a bit of context to the audios. The message reads: 

"Hey neighbors,

Did anyone see or hear anything strange in the area last night? I got woken up around 2:30 AM today by what sounded like someone rummaging around in my back yard, so I opened the porch lights to see what it was... But I couldn't see anything at all.


I got dressed and walked out onto my deck to get a closer look, but all I could make out was this weird buzzing noise and what I thought was maybe whispering?


As you know, our house was one of those that got egged a few months ago by some kids from Greenville High. So immediately, i thought this was another one of their dumb pranks. I pulled out my phone to record and started walking towards the noise, hoping I'd catch them red-handed.


But I found nothing. I couldn't tell where the sounds were coming from so I went back inside. I obviously can't sleep now so I'm listening to what I recorded (see attached) and I have to say, I'm really creeped out. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Each of the four recordings has eerie sounds, some of which sound like someone rustling through a forest; others sound like some type of beast making an otherworldly noise. You can also hear the "weird buzzing noise" and "whispering" mentioned in the note.

Fans speculate that the teaser could be hinting at the next killer being a Skinwalker; others suggest that Chapter 31 could be another alien such as Predator, especially since past leaks have hinted at a Predator chapter. However, the latter seems rather unlikely, given that Dead by Daylight has already added two sci-fi horror characters - The Singularity and The Xenomorph from Alien - just recently.

You can listen to the recordings hinting at Dead by Daylight's Chapter 31 for yourself just below:

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