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Best Alien Builds In Dead By Daylight (September 2023)

Here are the best builds for Alien's Xenomorph in Dead by Daylight.
Best Alien Builds In Dead By Daylight (September 2023)
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight's Alien chapter introduced The Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley, in one of the game's most iconic licensed chapters yet. Alien's Xenomorph brings a brand new unique tunneling power to the game, and utilizes the famous character to introduce a new type of Tail Attack. Let's take a deeper look at the Xenomorph, including its power, perks, and the best builds for this character.

1 September 2023 - Page updated and checked for the latest information.

dead by daylight xenomorph
The Xenomorph is Dead by Daylight's newest killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Xenomorph Power And Perks

To pick out the best perks for The Xenomorph, you'll first need to understand its power and how it works so you can think about how the game's many perks may be able to complement it.

You should also learn more about The Xenomorph's teachable perks since they come with the killer by default and can be used together to earn Adept Xenomorph.

Let's go over all of The Xenomorph’s perks:

Ultimate Weapon

  • When you open a locker, this perk activates for 30 seconds. Survivors entering your Terror Radius scream and reveal their position and gain Blindness for 30 seconds. This perk then goes on cooldown for 40/35/30 seconds.

Rapid Brutality

  • You can no longer gain Bloodlust. Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack gives you 5% haste for 8/9/10 seconds.

Alien Instinct

  • This perk activates when you hook a Survivor. You see the aura of the farthest injured Survivor for 5 seconds and that Survivor is oblivious for 16/18/20 seconds.

The Xenomorph's power is called Hidden Pursuit, which allows it to travel through tunnels around the map and use a powerful ability to attack survivors.

The in-game description reads:

Hidden Pursuit

A series of tunnels become available on the map when the Xenomorph is in play. By accessing a Control Station, it can enter these tunnels to quickly move around the map, detect the presence of nearby Survivors, and speed up the cooldown time of its Runner Mode ability. Exiting a Control Station tags nearby Survivors with Killer Instinct.

Special Ability: Runner Mode

The Xenomorph enters Runner Mode automatically when not on cooldown. In Runner Mode, the Xenomorph walks on four legs and becomes stealthier, reducing its Terror Radius. While in Runner Mode the Xenomorph also has access to a brutal Tail Attack.

Map Feature: Control Stations

Seven Control Stations are scattered across the map. Survivors can interact with these stations to get a Remote Flame Turret, while the Xenomorph can enter and exit the tunnels underneath the Control Stations.

Special Item: Remote Flame Turret

Turrets can be placed in the map to counteract the Xenomorph. When the Xenomorph enters the radius and line of sight of a Turret, the Turret attacks; this attack staggers the Xenomorph and will cause Runner Mode to end. If a Turret successfully knocks the Xenomorph out of Runner Mode or fires for too long, it overheats, and must be repaired by a Survivor. The Xenomorph can attack Turrets to destroy them.

Best Xenomorph Builds In Dead By Daylight

dbd xenomorph
The Xenomorph has excellent mobility. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Xenomorph has excellent mobility but can have a hard time in some other areas. For example, it is not particularly strong at generator slowdown. The best builds for Xenomoprh complement its strengths while helping it in the areas where it struggles. 

With so many perks available in Dead by Daylight, there is not just one build that works well on Xenomorph - there are many choices. Here are just a few of the best.

Beginner Xenormoph Build

When starting out as a new Xenomorph player, it can be challenging to know what perks to use - especially if you're not a seasoned player with tons of perks in your roster to choose from. That's why we've put together this beginner Xenomorph build using only the Xenomorph's perks, and those that can be found in any killers' Bloodwebs.

  • Whispers
  • Jolt
  • Bitter Murmur
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death

The Xenomorph thrives on tracking, which allows Whispers to really shine as it can help you track down survivors with ease. Bitter Murmur provides even more tracking throughout the match so you never lose track of survivors, giving you the ability to ambush them after they complete a generator. Jolt provides generator slowdown that will give you time to not only track survivors but chase them until they go down. Hex: NOED provides some extra assurance at the end of the match in case the generator slowdown provided by Jolt isn't quite enough.

Hunter Xenomorph Build

The Xenomorph can move with ease; what it needs is a little help finding survivors. This build focuses on tracking survivors using a multi-pronged approach, using auras, screams, and more throughout the match.

  • Lethal Pursuer (The Nemesis)
  • Barbecue & Chili (The Cannibal)
  • Discordance (The Legion)
  • Nowhere To Hide (The Knight)

The survivors can run, but they certainly can't hide, when you use this Xenomorph build designed to track down survivors all around the map. Lethal Pursuer will give you the headstart you need, allowing you to use a tunnel to sneak up on a survivor very early in the match. The other perks keep your tracking up throughout the trial as you earn hooks or as survivors work on generators, allowing you to know exactly where to be at any point in time.

What Are The Best Perks For The Xenomorph?

Those are all the best builds for The Xenomorph, but you might still be wondering which individual perks work best on this killer. After all, creating your own builds can be fun and allow you to try new playstyles.

You can mix and match the following perks to create an incredible build for Alien's Xenomorph:

  • Hex: Devour Hope (The Hag)
  • Lethal Pursuer (The Nemesis)
  • Whispers
  • Jolt
  • Hex: Blood Favor (The Blight)
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death
  • Discordance (The Legion)

We recommend mixing and matching the perks in the builds we've provided to create your favorite loadout. As you familiarize yourself with this killer, you'll determine which perks are your favorites and be able to mix and match these perks effectively.

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