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Dead By Daylight Update Introduces Player Cards, Trickster Rework, & More

Dead by Daylight's next PTB includes player cards, a Trickster rework, and more major updates.
Dead By Daylight Update Introduces Player Cards, Trickster Rework, & More
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's upcoming 8 November PTB includes a load of content that players have been asking for, including customizable player cards, a Trickster rework, map updates, and perk changes.

The most major of these changes are the new player cards, which will give players a new way to customize their profiles and express themselves, and the Trickster rework, which will make the character significantly more playable. Here are the highlights of one of Dead by Daylight's last major updates of 2023.

Dead By Daylight Player Cards

dead by daylight player cards
Dead by Daylight offered a sneak peek at its upcoming player cards. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

During DBD's anniversary stream earlier this year and in the Year 8 Roadmap, developers promised players that player cards were coming in 2023. Provided everything goes well with the PTB, it's likely that Behaviour will be able to fulfill its promise and add player cards to the full game before the year is over.

Player cards will appear at the end of the game on the scoreboard, as well as in the upper-right corner of the UI, allowing players to customize and view their own player card at any time. You'll be able to use badges and borders to personalize it, which can either be purchased, earned through codes, or earned through the Rift.

Dead By Daylight 2023 Trickster Rework

dead by daylight trickster rework
Dead by Daylight's Trickster was added in the All-Kill Chapter, and now he's faster and more effective than ever. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Trickster rework features major changes to the character and his gameplay. His recoil has been completely removed, making aiming with The Trickster fully skill-dependent. He'll also now throw 4 blades per second rather than 3, with no increase over time. In addition to speedier blades, he'll also be faster himself, with a new movement speed.

Trickster players on all platforms will definitely love these changes, but they'll be especially impactful for console players. Aiming with Trickster using a controller proved very difficult given his random recoil, but now, there should be a little more consistency when using a joystick.