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How To Use Paper Lanterns In Dead By Daylight - Moonlight Burrow

Here is how to use Paper Lanterns during the Dead by Daylight Moonlight Burrow Lunar New Year event.
How To Use Paper Lanterns In Dead By Daylight - Moonlight Burrow

Dead by Daylight's 2023 Lunar New Year Celebration, the Moonlight Burrow, is here. The event marks the return of several past items, including the Red Envelope Offerings, Festive Toolboxes, and more, but will also introduce Paper Lanterns to Dead by Daylight. These new interactable items grant bonuses to those who touch them and will definitely be an exciting new feature for veteran players and newbies alike.

Let's take a deeper look at what Paper Lanterns are in Dead by Daylight and how to use them for yourself during the 2023 Moonlight Burrow event.

What Are Paper Lanterns In Dead by Daylight?

dead by daylight paper lantern
Paper Lanterns can be found throughout trials during the Moonlight Burrow Lunar New Year event. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Paper Lanterns are an interactable object available in Dead by Daylight trials during the Moonlight Burrow celebration. They were introduced in 2023. Players receive buffs when touching a Paper Lantern. Both killers and survivors will receive increased Haste movement speed and increased Vaulting speed.

How To Use Paper Lanterns In Dead by Daylight

Paper Lanterns grant bonuses to players who interact with them during the Moonlight Burrow event, so you might be wondering how to use them during the Lunar New Year celebration. Thankfully, it's easy to use Paper Lanterns in Dead by Daylight.

All you'll need to do is look throughout the trial to find Paper Lanterns. Once you find one, approach it and touch it using the interaction button shown. You'll immediately receive the bonuses upon touching the Paper Lantern as a killer or survivor, including faster speed and faster Vaulting speed.

Both killers and survivors can interact with Paper Lanterns, making this not only a fun way to celebrate the Lunar New Year but also an incredibly interesting game mechanic! It might be worth considering how you can pair survivor builds or killer builds to make the most of the Paper Lanterns. For example, Freddy Krueger's Fire Up allows killers to vault faster, so using this while going out of your way to interact with Paper Lanterns could result in some unprecedented high-speed chases.

That's all you need to do in order to interact with Paper Lanterns in Dead by Daylight to gain rewards in the trial, including the Haste status effect and increased vaulting speed. Now get out there into the fog and enjoy the Moonlight Burrow event and all the bonuses it has to offer, including Paper Lanterns!

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