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Dead By Daylight X Rainbow Six Siege Content Coming Late November

Dead by Daylight is collaborating with Rainbow Six Siege later this month.
Dead By Daylight X Rainbow Six Siege Content Coming Late November

Dead by Daylight revealed its November Roadmap today, officially announcing the Chucky chapter (currently live on the PTB) but also mentioned some other news: a Dead by Daylight x Rainbow Six Siege collaboration. Despite this being the first fans have heard of the collaboration, it's already been well-received by the community, with many curious about what will be contained in the collab. It's set to release in the fourth week of November, so it's just a few weeks away.

With Chucky's release on the PTB today and his joining the game later this month as the Chapter 30 killer, it's unlikely the Rainbow Six Siege collab will contain any new characters. Instead, it's more likely that players will be able to purchase Rainbow Six Siege cosmetics in Dead by Daylight.

In a Reddit thread discussing the upcoming license, user Yeekko suggested that it might include uniquely themed cosmetics for both killers and survivors.

'"For killers, we might see skins that look like the aliens in extraction, or what they looked like during the original event (called "Outbreak" for those that want to check)," they wrote. "Otherwise, since we'll most likely get survivor skins unless they want to put Caveira as Legion, which I would love." 

On X/Twitter, a fan shared their hopes that Osa would join the game as a legendary skin, which would be, in their words, "finally some trans representation in the game." While Dead by Daylight already has a canon gay character - David King - the Rainbow Six Siege collab could potentially mark the first transgender representation in the game.

It's unknown whether Dead by Daylight content will be in Rainbox Six Siege as well, or if the license is one-sided. For now, Rainbow Six Siege's developers haven't teased any Dead by Daylight-themed content for its game, but it's very possible that both games could get some new cosmetics and other content as a part of this collaboration.

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