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Dead by Daylight Rank Reset (March 2023): Release Time and Rewards

Here's when Dead by Daylight's grade reset occurs and what rewards you'll earn when it happens.
Dead by Daylight Rank Reset (March 2023): Release Time and Rewards

Dead by Daylight's rank system changed completely last year, switching from ranks to a new progression system called grades. This change had mixed reviews from fans, but for better or for worse, grades are how Dead by Daylight's progression system functions now.

Grades are based on playtime and experience gained rather than skill, but they still reset every month, offering the horror game's dedicated players a flood of Bloodpoints when they do.

Here's when Dead by Daylight's rank reset, or, as it's now called, grade reset, will occur every month in everyone's favorite asymmetrical game.

When Is Dead By Daylight Rank Reset?

ranks grades dead by daylight reset
Dead by Daylight's ranks, now called grades, reset each month. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Grades in Dead by Daylight for both killer and survivor reset on the 13th of every month.

The next Dead By Daylight Rank Reset for grades will take place on 13 March 2023.

Rank reset usually happens at 11:59 PM EST on the 13th, but has happened at various times throughout the night of grade reset day before, sometimes as early as 8 PM EST. 

If you're hoping to get to a certain rank before grade reset, be sure to do it on the 12th and don't wait until the day of reset, as you may not have enough time.

Rank Reset Rewards

dead by daylight grade reset rewards
Players can receive up to a total of 2 million Bloodpoints for getting to Iridescent I rank on both killer and survivor. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

When your grade resets on the 13th, you'll receive a reward for both killer and survivor depending on how much you've progressed.

You increase your grade by earning pips, which are granted through earning emblems in matches. Your killer and survivor pips and grades are independent of one another.

Dead By Daylight Grade Rewards

To determine exactly how many Bloodpoints you'll earn upon reset, check out the exact payouts below:

  • Ash IV - 10,000
  • Ash III - 20,000
  • Ash II - 35,000
  • Ash I - 50,000
  • Bronze IV - 100,000
  • Bronze III - 125,000
  • Bronze II - 150,000
  • Bronze I - 175,000
  • Silver IV - 250,000
  • Silver III - 280,000
  • Silver II - 310,000
  • Silver I - 340,000
  • Gold IV - 400,000
  • Gold III - 450,000
  • Gold II - 500,000
  • Gold I - 550,000
  • Iridescent IV - 700,000
  • Iridescent III - 800,000
  • Iridescent II - 900,000
  • Iridescent I - 1,000,000

You earn rewards separately for killer and survivor, meaning you can earn up to a total of 2,000,000 Bloodpoints at grade reset.

2,000,00 Bloodpoints is a pretty hefty reward - it's enough to prestige two characters - so it's definitely worth getting to Iridescent I on both sides if you have the time.

If you're an avid Dead by Daylight player, you might be interested in checking out our active Dead by Daylight codes for even more Bloodpoints on top of those you'll earn from reset.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.