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Resident Evil's William Birkin Comes To DBD As Legendary Skin

Resident Evil's William Birkin has joined Dead by Daylight, and some other new costumes for Resident Evil characters accompany him.
Resident Evil's William Birkin Comes To DBD As Legendary Skin

A new Dead by Daylight update brings one of Resident Evil's iconic villains, William Birkin, to the fog as a legendary cosmetic for The Blight. He joins the fog alongside some new cosmetics for Ada Wong and Jill Valentine.

From Leon S. Kennedy to Albert Wesker to The Nemesis and Chris Redfield as a legendary skin, the 4v1 horror game has a huge cast of characters from the franchise - but these new additions come as a surprise, and fulfill some of the community's biggest requests.

Let's take a deeper look at the new Dead by Daylight X Resident Evil Lunar New Year cosmetics for Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, and William Birkin for The Blight.

New Dead By Daylight X Resident Evil Cosmetics

ada wong dead by daylight
William Birkin joins the fog during the Lunar New Year event while Ada Wong and Jill Valentine receive new cosmetics. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

As we mentioned, fans are no strangers to Resident Evil characters and new cosmetics for them joining the fog, but the addition of William Birkin came as somewhat of a surprise for fans who were not expecting any new Resident Evil content alongside the Moonlight Burrow Lunar New Year event.

The William Birkin skin is extremely accurate to his appearance in Resident Evil 2. Not only is it visually appealing, it comes not only with voice lines but with its own Mori animation.

Much to fans' excitement, Behaviour Interactive released not just Birkin but an entire Resident Evil x LNY Collection with three brand new cosmetics for Resident Evil characters.

Here's a look at all of the Resident Evil x LNY cosmetics in Dead by Daylight:

  • Ada Wong – Lunar Qipao – Very Rare
  • Jill Valentine – Revelations Gear – Very Rare
  • The Blight – William Birkin – Legendary

Ada Wong and Jill Valentine's cosmetics will cost 1080 Auric Cells in the in-game Store, while William Birkin's legendary cosmetic for The Blight will cost 1480 Auric Cells.

While the collection was created to celebrate the Lunar New Year, developers have clarified that it will not be a limited-time collection; instead, these cosmetics will be available to purchase indefinitely.

William Birkin Dead By Daylight Mori And Voice Lines

You can view William Birkin's unique Mori animation, along with his other unique animation and voice lines, here. Birkin shouts, "Not so fast!" when capturing a survivor.

We've also included the trailer for the Dead by Daylight X LNY cosmetics.

“While we've already brought many Resident Evil characters into The Fog, there are still plenty of characters and outfits that players want to see,” Rose Li, one of Dead by Daylight's project managers, explained.

“One of them is William Birkin, whose horrific appearance in RE2 made for one of the most memorable bosses in the entire series. The other Outfit often brought up is the Qipao outfit of Ada Wong, so we collaborated with Capcom to make those requests a reality.” 

That's the scoop on Resident Evil's William Birkin joining Dead by Daylight as a legendary skin for The Blight. Stay tuned for more updates on Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight!

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