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How To Play Albert Wesker - The Mastermind In Dead By Daylight

The second Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight chapter is on the PTB. Here is how to play Albert Wesker, known in-game as The Mastermind, in Dead by Daylight.
How To Play Albert Wesker - The Mastermind In Dead By Daylight

Albert Wesker is the newest addition to Dead by Daylight's killer roster. He might just be one of the most iconic killers in the game, coming from the ever-popular horror franchise Resident Evil.

He's a somewhat complex but extremely fun killer character, with his attack, Virulent Bound, allowing him to physically throw survivors across the map. During this throw, he can cause damage or further infect survivors to eventually instantly grab them.

This ability is strong, but takes thought and skill to use.  Here is how to play Albert Wesker - The Mastermind in Dead by Daylight, as well as all of our favourite tips and tricks for how to win.

How To Play Albert Wesker - The Mastermind In Dead by Daylight

Dead by daylight albert wesker the mastermind killer power tips
Albert Wesker's Virulent Bound is powerful when used correctly. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

To understand how to play The Mastermind, you'll need to fully understand his ability.

Albert Wesker - The Mastermind Killer Power

Albert Wesker's power, Virulent Bound, allows him to dash up to survivors, either throwing them into objects to injure them or futher infecting them with his Uroboros Virus. When a survivor is fully infected - which takes two Bound hits - Wesker will immediately grab them.

A charged Bound will also allow him to vault over a pallet, but you can't immediately Bound afterwards, and you'll be faced with a short attack cooldown.

Albert Wesker - The Mastermind Tips

dead by daylight albert wesker mastermind tips
Wesker requires an aggressive play style. (Picture: Capcom)

By utilizing these tips, you'll be able to use Wesker's Virulent Bound power to its fullest. 

Use Your Bound Carefully

Using your Bound frequently can be tempting - and sometimes it's the right move to use it a few times in a row to catch up in chase. But think carefully about when you're using your Bound, especially when using it to vault pallets.

Virulent Bound may be a great counter to "God pallets," or safe pallets, but you may struggle to catch up if you use your Bound around pallets where survivors will have time to vault again thanks to your cooldown.

Be Aggressive

Remember that your Terror Radius is 40 meters, the largest Terror Radius in the game.

You won't be able to effectively sneak up on survivors or employ stealth strategies, so when you want to attack a survivor, get ready to go into the chase head on. Your Virulent Bound ability can be used to gain plenty of distance, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Now you know how to play Albert Wesker, The Mastermind, in Dead by Daylight. You can hop on to the Public Test Build on Steam today or wait just a few weeks until the new Resident Evil Project W chapter is on live servers on all platforms.

For all the spooky gaming content, check out our dedicated section to the latest Dead by Daylight news, leaks, updates, guides, tips and tricks, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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