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Dead By Daylight Sadako Rising Chapter Review: Is The Onryo Worth Buying

Should you buy Dead by Daylight's Sadako Rising DLC, featuring The Omryo and Yoichi Asakawa?
Dead By Daylight Sadako Rising Chapter Review: Is The Onryo Worth Buying
Picture: Behaviour Interactive

Few horror films are as iconic as Ringu, and fans of the cult classic film were ecstatic to hear that The Onryo and Yoichi Asakawa were joining Dead by Daylight's Fog. The Onryo is able to use her iconic ability to crawl out of televisions to move around the map rapidly and without detection, sneaking up on survivors and giving her one of the eeriest and most source-accurate stealth abilities in the game.

Let's dive into the murky waters of Dead by Daylight's Sadako Rising chapter, and whether it's worth purchasing The Onryo and Yoichi Asakawa in 2023.

Sadako Rising Chapter Review

Dead by Daylight's Sadako Rising chapter is one of the game's most well-rounded DLCs; it has a great killer, survivor, and perks for both of them. The Onryo's ability has only improved over time, too, with Behaviour applying some buffs to help strengthen her and keep her in line with the game's best killers. 

the onryo dead by daylight
The Onryo joined Dead by Daylight alongside Yoichi Asakawa. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Onryo's ability allows her to make herself Undetectable at will, as well as hide her Red Stain; she can also teleport to televisions around the map, sneaking up on unsuspecting survivors. On top of that, she can inflict survivors with the Condemned status effect if she teleports near them enough, which will make them Exposed and allow her to kill them instantly.

It's this Condemned mechanic that was the main subject of a recent buff for Sadako, turning what was once a D-tier killer into a B-tier beast. Survivors not only get Condemned when Sadako teleports near them, but can also spread this status effect to one another, making getting Condemned even more common and more terrifying. Sadako is now harder to counter than ever.

Knowing which TVs to teleport to requires some map knowledge, raising The Onryo's skill ceiling and making her a little tougher for beginners; she also doesn't have a lot of power in chase, making using and learning her ability integral.

Sadako Rising Chapter Perks Explained

The Onryo's perks help her identify survivors' locations, keep generators regressing, and prevent survivors from completing generators. Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage lets you see survivors' auras after one is unhooked from your scourge hook; Call of Brine makes generators regress more quickly if you've kicked them, and notify you if a survivor hits a skill check on them; and Merciless Storm forces survivors to hit very challenging skill checks once a generator is at 90%, or risk blowing it up and blocking it.

sadako dead by daylight
Sadako's Condemned status effect lets her instantly kill survivors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

All of these perks can be included in great builds for most killers, and are currently an important part of the game's meta. Merciless Storm, in particular, is a great addition to skill-check builds, such as those that also include The Doctor's Overcharge.

As for Yoichi Asakawa, Boon: Dark Theory was one of the first boons to be added to the game after they were introduced with Mikaela Reid, and it grants survivors some Haste when in its range. It's stronger coupled with other Haste buffs, but quite powerful on its own. Empathic Connection lets other survivors see your aura if they're injured, letting them come to you for help.  It's not the best of the three, but can be a good addition to healing builds.

Yoichi's last perk is Parental Guidance, which hides your Scratch Marks and Pools of Blood after stunning the killer. It's an excellent addition to builds alongside an Exhaustion perk, letting you make some unexpected escapes.

Dead By Daylight Sadako Rising Chapter Review Verdict

Sadako's power has a high skill ceiling and might be challenging for newbies, but it's only gotten more powerful and a little easier for beginners to pick up thanks to recent buffs. Both The Onryo's perks and Yoichi Asakawa's both pack a punch and are a part of the game's meta, with changes over time only increasing their power.

The rare combination of a near-perfect killer, survivor, and perks that honor their license to the fullest while also providing top-tier gameplay, makes this chapter a must-buy for dedicated players and beginners alike.

Rating: 9/10

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