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Dead by Daylight: Sadako and Yoichi Are The Next Blighted Skins

The Onryo and Yoichi Asakawa are getting their own Blighted cosmetics in Dead by Daylight.
Dead by Daylight: Sadako and Yoichi Are The Next Blighted Skins
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Every year to celebrate the Halloween season, Dead by Daylight's developers add a series of Blighted cosmetics to the game for both killers and survivors. These are some of the most coveted purchasable cosmetics in the game, turning the appearance of typical killers and survivors into their "Blighted versions," à la The Blight himself.

The Onryo, also known as Sadako Yamamura from the Ring, along with Yoichi Asakawa from the same iconic title, will be the next two Dead by Daylight characters to get their own Blighted skins this October. Both skins were revealed in a Reddit leak earlier this week, including concept art for their designs.

The Blighted Onryo and Yoichi Asakawa skins will be available in the in-game store on 24 October 2023, during the Haunted by Daylight 2023 event.

Check out the Blighted Yoichi and Sadako skin concept art for yourself below:

While some Blighted skins have been earnable by participating in the Halloween event challenges in past years, some have only been purchasable through Auric Cells (a real-money currency). It's likely that these skins will be the latter since they are licensed content, just like Albert Wesker's Blighted skin.

It's likely that these skins will only be purchasable for a limited time, but they could be available in the store year-round like some other Blighted skins. We'll be sure to update this article with the ltest info about the skins as soon as they're officially announced or added to the game.

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