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Dead By Daylight Saw Chapter Review: Is The Pig Worth Buying?

Dead by Daylight's Saw chapter is 5 years old now, so is it still worth buying?
Dead By Daylight Saw Chapter Review: Is The Pig Worth Buying?
Picture: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight's Saw chapter was released in early 2018, and fans of the series were incredibly excited to see Amanda Young and Detective Tapp enter The Fog, along with the two-story indoor map 'The Game'. It's now been well over 5 years since Saw's characters joined Dead by Daylight - so how has the chapter held up? Let's delve into Dead by Daylight's Saw chapter, and whether it's still worth buying.

Dead By Daylight Saw Chapter Review

dead by daylight pig
Dead by Daylight's Pig isn't one of the game's strongest killers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Like all of Dead by Daylight's content, the Saw chapter is visually beautifully rendered, with The Game perfectly capturing the spirit of the iconic warehouse it's based on. Amanda Young dons her iconic pig mask, which has encouraged many survivors to "boop the snoot" (in my humble opinion, the DLC is worth it just for that meme, but some will beg to differ).

What's a little more controversial than the Saw chapter's visuals is its gameplay.

Dead By Daylight Saw Chapter Gameplay

When most Dead by Daylight players think of The Pig, they likely won't think of her as one of the strongest killers in the game. The killer has long been regarded as one of the weakest in Dead by Daylight, with her stealth ability and Reverse Bear Traps both lacking in strength and providing her relatively little slow-down. Those playing against her didn't usually rejoice about an easy match, though, as many found her Reverse Bear Traps to be incredibly frustrating to play against.

A recent rework to her power both made her Reverse Bear Traps slightly less obnoxious for survivors, and a bit more powerful for The Pig. Still, though, she remains low on killer tier lists due to her lack of slow-down throughout the match and the weakness of her stealth ability compared to other killers.

pig detective tapp dbd
The Pig joined The Fog alongside Detective Tapp. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead By Daylight Saw Chapter Perks

While The Pig's power isn't strong, most of her perks are a different story. Surveillance is an excellent perk for tracking down survivors, especially when combined with generator regression perks like Hex: Ruin. Make Your Choice inflicts a survivor who makes an unhook with the Exposed status effect, allowing for a very easy down.

On the other hand, Scourge Hook: Hangman's Trick (once just Hangman's Trick) can help you prevent survivors from sabotaging hooks but isn't incredibly useful in most builds.

Detective Tapp's perks are debatably under-used by the community, as all of them are quite useful. His Detective's Hunch allows you to see every objective on the map each time a generator is completed, which makes it one of the most powerful aura-reading perks in the game. Tenacity will allow you to crawl a little faster when downed, which isn't super powerful on its own but can be enhanced when combined with other perks, like Plot Twist. Lastly, Tapp's Stake Out can help generators get completed faster, especially if you manage to stay hidden in the killer's terror radius.

Dead By Daylight Saw Chapter Review Verdict

Overall, Dead by Daylight's Saw chapter will impress dedicated fans of the series, and the perks that come with its characters are a force to be reckoned with. That said, The Pig remains one of the weakest killers in the game, and her ability isn't particularly useful; however, many do find it fun to use.

This chapter will be a hit with some fans and a miss with others - if you're a diehard Saw fan or you buy DLCs for the perks, you'll probably love it, but if you're looking to try out a new killer and win your trials, you might be disappointed.

Rating: 7/10

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