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How To Get Better At Dead By Daylight Skill Checks

Here's how to hit those Dead by Daylight skill checks.
How To Get Better At Dead By Daylight Skill Checks
Behaviour Interactive

Skill checks are one of the most basic gameplay mechanics in Dead by Daylight, and they're one that every survivor player will no doubt use frequently. Whenever a survivor works on a generator in DBD, they'll need to hit a series of skill checks to ensure they progress and avoid alerting the killer to their location with an explosion.

While important, hitting those skill checks can be challenging for beginner players, so we'll help you hit them more often with this guide to hitting Dead by Daylight skill checks.

How To Hit Dead By Daylight Skill Checks

Practicing Dead By Daylight Skill Checks is the best way to get good at them, but, unfortunately, missing skill checks can be pretty detrimental to your chances to win as a survivor in public games. As a result, there are a few ways you can practice skill checks and improve your muscle memory without holding your team back.

generator dead by daylight
There are generators on every Dead by Daylight map. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Skill Check Simulator

If you want to practice hitting DBD skill checks but don't want to blow up generators and alert the killer, using this fan-made Skill Check Simulator might be a good option. You can practice back-to-back skill checks and even see your longest record, allowing you to build the muscle memory required to hit even challenging skill checks like those brought on by Overcharge.

Play Custom Games

Playing in custom games is another option for practicing skill checks if you don't want to risk missing skill checks in public matches. When playing with friends - or playing alongside bots - you can practice hitting skill checks for as long as you want, with the only penalty for mistakes being a tease from your pals.

Use Feng Min's Technician Perk

Survivor perks can also help you safely practice skill checks, and they're your best bet if you want to try your hand at completing generators in public matches. Technician prevents generators from blowing up whenever you miss a skill check and doesn't alert the killer; however, you'll lose generator progress every time you miss one, so that's something to consider when adding this perk to your loadout. Missing many of them could potentially lose you a generator, even if the killer isn't alerted to your mistakes.

Skill checks can definitely be a challenging aspect of Dead by Daylight for newer players, so we hope this guide helps you hit them more often. Hitting skill checks becomes easier with practice as you develop muscle memory, so don't be afraid to get out there and try!

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