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Does Dead By Daylight Have Bots?

Here's the scoop on whether or not there are bots you can play against in the game Dead by Daylight.
Does Dead By Daylight Have Bots?

Tons of players log in to the horror game Dead by Daylight every day to play both killer and survivor, and many of them have been wanting bots in the game for a long time now. Thankfully, the Behaviour Interactive team has answered players' prayers and added survivor bots to the game.

Adding survivor bots to Dead by Daylight allows players a chance to practice away from public games. Killer bots aren't in the game yet, but they're coming soon.

Let's answer the question of whether the game has bots in it right now, how you can play against bots, and what's in store for the game's future in regard to this topic.

1 June 2023 - It's offical: survivor bots have now been added to Dead by Daylight! We've updated this article to reflect the newest information about bots in the game, including how to play against them. 

Latest News

add bot dead by daylight survivors bots
Players will be able to add bots to custom lobbies going forward. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Update 1st December 2022: It's official, bots have been added to Dead by Daylight as one of the game's final updates in 2022! As of the Forged in Fog chapter, players can now add as few as one and as many as four survivor bots to any Custom lobby.

Behaviour Interactive says that killer bots aren't ready to be added to the game quite yet, but they're a work in progress and will be added once they are functional.

Update 28th October 2022: Thankfully, Dead by Daylight's developers have released more information about bots coming to Dead by Daylight in their final Developer Update for 2022.

Starting in update 6.4.0, players can add survivors to their custom lobbies in Dead by Daylight. These bots can either play alongside you and your friends against another friend playing as the killer, or you can play as the killer and face off against up to four robot survivors. You also have the option of ignoring the bots and playing against one to four friends in custom matches, just like before.

Killer bots are not yet being added to Dead by Daylight, and there is no set release date for them to come to the game. Developers say killer bots are in progress, but they will take "some time," since the AI must be trained to use each killer's power.

Does Dead By Daylight Have Bots?

bots dead by daylight
You cannot currently play against bots in Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Currently, yes, you can play against bots in Dead by Daylight. Survivor bots were added to the game in the 6.4.0 Forged in Fog chapter update.

Before this update, the only bots in the game were in the survivor and killer tutorials. The survivor tutorial bots could only perform very basic interactions, and don't have intelligent AI. You can also only play as The Trapper in the killler tutorial, making this not a viable way to play against bots even as practice.

How To Play Against Bots In Dead By Daylight

Survivor bots are the only bots available right now in Dead by Daylight, but it's easy to play against them. That said, you'll need to create a Custom lobby, since bots aren't available in public matches.

To play against survivor bots, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Dead by Daylight.
  2. Open a Custom lobby.
  3. Select play as killer.
  4. Click the plus icon.
  5. Click 'add bot.'
  6. Do this as many times as you like, playing against up to four survivors.

Your friends can join your party and play alongside bots, too!

Are Killer Bots Coming To Dead By Daylight?

dead by daylight bot survivor killer
Bots are coming to Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Survivor bots have already been added to Dead by Daylight, but many players would like to be able to play against killer bots, making this an exciting and much-desired feature. 

There aren't yet killer bots in Dead by Daylight, but according to developers, this feature is currently in the works. They discussed this much-wanted feature during the 6th anniversary livestream earlier this year.

“We know that learning a new Killer can take some practice,” said Justin Banks, Senior Product Manager. “If you’re a high-ranked or even moderately player ranked, you may be in for a tough time during those early games. This will provide a safe environment for our players to jump into and smack some bots around while trying out a new Killer power.”

That's all you need to know about bots in Dead by Daylight. While they aren't in the game right now, they're coming very soon, so check back here for more updates.

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