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Dead By Daylight Is Now Steam Deck Verified

Can you play Dead by Daylight on Steam Deck? Now that Dead by Daylight is Steam Deck Verified, you can.
Dead By Daylight Is Now Steam Deck Verified

Good news for Dead by Daylight fans who own the game on Steam Deck; Behaviour Interactive's popular asymmetrical 4v1 game is now Steam Deck Verified as of 10th May 2023. This means that you'll be able to play Dead by Daylight on your Steam Deck without the help of any additional software, and Valve guarantees that the game will run smoothly.

The Steam Deck Verified status is the highest playability status Valve gives to games, with other statuses including Playable (meaning you may need to make manual tweaks to play the game), Unsupported (meaning that the game is not playable on Steam Deck), and Unknown (meaning that Valve has yet to test the game).

To become Deck Verified, Dead by Daylight - and all other games - must have adequate controller support, feature no compatibility warnings, support the Steam Deck's default resolution, and provide Proton support. This means that Dead by Daylight's anti-cheat will also be supported by Proton 8.0 on Steam Deck.

dead by daylight steam deck
The Steam Deck offers full support for Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Can You Play Dead By Daylight On Steam Deck?

Yes, you can play Dead by Daylight on Steam Deck. Now that Dead by Daylight is Steam Deck verified, Valve guarantees that the game will run smoothly on the device right out of the box.

Though it does not offer cross-progression, Dead by Daylight offers crossplay compatibility to allow you to play with friends, so you can invite your friends who play on any other platform - whether it's Steam, Xbox, Epic Games, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch - to join you in your lobby to survive with friends or play custom games.

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