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DBD Streamer Otzdarva 'Worried' About Dead By Daylight PTB

Dead by Daylight streamer Otzdarva expressed his discontent with the upcoming 6.7.0 PTB in a video.
DBD Streamer Otzdarva 'Worried' About Dead By Daylight PTB

With the release of the 6.7.0 Public Test Build, Dead by Daylight content creators such as popular streamer Otzdarva are expressing concern over the new changes. There are quite a few changes in the patch notes, covering much of the game’s current meta, including healing, perks like Boon: Circle of Healing, Dead Hard, and more. Otzdarva recently posted a video on his Youtube channel describing the new changes and sharing his thoughts. You can read the complete list of changes in this patch here.

Dead By Daylight Streamer Otzdarva Responds To 6.7.0 PTB Changes

dead by daylight otzdarva changes
Otzdarva discussed the changes in the PTB on his YouTube channel. (Picture: Otzdarva on YouTube)

In his video about the upcoming PTB, Otzdarva mentioned that some of the most concerning changes in this patch involve perk updates. Several fan-favorite perks like Boon: Circle of Healing, Dead Hard, Call of Brine, Overcharge, and Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance are all, once again, receiving changes to make them less powerful. Many of these changes directly affect healing, which will also see a nerf.

For example, Boon: Circle of Healing will no longer allow survivors to heal themselves without a medkit. To make things worse for an injured survivor, healing yourself with a medkit will take 24 charges now, as opposed to the previous 16. Medkits will also no longer be able to hold more than 48 charges.

"I'm very concerned about these changes to healing," Otzdarva mentioned, bringing special attention to the changes to Boon: Circle of Healing and healing in general. "This will make medkits more necessary than before. I don't like this."

Another part of this update that has some Dead by Daylight fans, including Fog Whisperer Otzdarva, upset are the proposed changes to The Hillbilly. With the 6.7.0 update, Hillbilly’s Overheat mechanic has been reworked, giving less Overheat while revving and more while sprinting with your chainsaw.

The Hillbilly’s addons Doom Engravings and Death Engravings have also been changed, adding less speed to The Hillbilly’s sprint than before and causing the chainsaw to take even longer to rev. 

"This is such a slap in the face to the four people that play [Hillbilly] these days," Otzdarva said. "The killer is a killer that has very little going for him compared to other killers."

The Killer side of the game is also going through some weakening in regard to perks. The Onryo's Call of Brine and The Doctor's Overcharge will now regress gens at speeds of 125%/130% maximum, in comparison to their previous regression speed of 200%. Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance will now only trigger when hooking a survivor for the first time on a Scourge Hook, and therefore can only be triggered four times maximum, compared to the previous maximum of 12.

“When I look at these changes, I don't see player feedback,” Otzdarva continued. "This is just someone looking at an Excel spreadsheet and seeing that an add-on is a little bit below average, and saying, ‘let's just tweak it.’”

The PTB will be live until 5 April 2023, giving players a chance to try out the upcoming changes prior to their release on public servers. It's possible that Behaviour Interactive could make some tweaks to the game prior to the Public Test Build's release in response to Otzdarva's comments and other outcries from the community.

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