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Dead By Daylight's Survivor Disconnect Bots Coming In Next Update

Dead by Daylight's survivor disconnect bots are finally coming to the game in the next update. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
Dead By Daylight's Survivor Disconnect Bots Coming In Next Update
Bots will replace survivors who disconnect in public Dead by Daylight matches. (Picture: Behaviour Intearctive)

Dead by Daylight players, rejoice: survivor teams who have a teammate disconnect will no longer be left to their own devices. As of the next update, survivor players who disconnect will be replaced with a survivor disconnect bot. This means that matches will no longer be ruined by a player who disconnects, allowing the remaining players to continue playing out a fair, even match. 

According to the Dead by Daylight team on Twitter, the bots will maintain the same build as the survivor who disconnected and will take on the same character. This will allow the match to go on consistently without throwing other players off. 

In other words, if a player playing as Meg Thomas and running Adrenaline, Spine Chill, Deja Vu, and Technician disconnected, the bot that subsequently spawns will also be a Meg Thomas bot, running those same perks. 

Dead by Daylight releases an update around every two weeks, so players can expect the feature to come to the game soon. 

Players have been asking for this feature for a long time, with developers mentioning it during the 7th anniversary live stream a few months back and adding it to the Dead by Daylight Year 8 Roadmap. It's great to see this quality-of-life feature added to the game. It comes just a few months after developers added bots to custom matches, allowing players to add survivors to their custom lobby to fill it out or simply practice.