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Dead By Daylight Mobile Adding Universal Outfits For Survivors

Dead by Daylight Mobile is introducing universal outfits that can be worn by any survivor.
Dead By Daylight Mobile Adding Universal Outfits For Survivors
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight Mobile is releasing a highly fan-requested feature: universal outfits that can be worn by any survivor of the same gender.

The first universal outfit will be Kate Denson's "A Little Bit Country" cosmetic. It features Kate wearing a crop top, a belt boasting her own name (we're still wondering how that's going to work when it becomes a universal cosmetic), and a pair of jeans with one of the legs cut off. 

Once only available for Kate, now any female survivor, from Meg Thomas to Thalita Lyra, can don her themed outfit. It's likely that more survivor outfits will follow, giving players multiple universal outfits to choose from for both genders.

It's unlikely that killer cosmetics would get the same treatment since killers have drastically different models and designs, whereas all survivors of each gender share a base model. However, perhaps we could see universal weapons in the future.

A picture of what looks to be a male survivor universal cosmetic was also leaked alongside the Kate Denson cosmetic; given that leakers couldn't identify it and others in the community have struggled to identify it, too, it could be a brand-new universal cosmetic. 

No word from Behaviour Interactive as to when, or if, universal outfits will be coming to PC or console Dead by Daylight. DBD Mobile has introduced and announced an array of features recently, such as a new hide-and-seek game mode with two killers, that aren't yet available on other versions of the game, so it's possible that these universal cosmetics might be mobile-exclusive.

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