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Dead By Daylight Mobile Is Getting A New "Hide And Seek" Game Mode

Dead by Daylight Mobile's new "hide and seek" game mode may involve Michael Myers.
Dead By Daylight Mobile Is Getting A New "Hide And Seek" Game Mode
Picture: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight Mobile is adding a new "hide and seek" game mode, potentially with a focus on Michael Myers and the game's Halloween chapter.

According to leaker dvveet on Twitter/X, there are different variants of maps designed specifically for the Hide and Seek game mode.

While there's no detailed information about how matches in this mode will play out yet, it's likely that survivors will need to find hiding spots around the map as killers attempt to find all of them before a timer runs out.

Leakers believe that Michael Myers might be tied to the mode since he's in a leaked promo photo of the mode, which depicts him standing in front of an orange moon and one of the Entity's hooks as he brandishes his knife. However, this could just happen to be the killer they chose to use in the promo image, and doesn't necessarily mean he's directly and specifically tied to the hide-and-seek mode.

Dvveet also showcased three unused perks in the Dead by Daylight Mobile NetEase's code, which may suggest that these perks will be used in the hide-and-seek mode. One of them even shows a survivor hiding under a box, which definitely lends itself to hide-and-seek themes - and one is straightforwardly called "You Shall Not Hide."

With Dead by Daylight promising fans that a new game mode is coming soon, many are hoping that this new gameplay will eventually find its way over from Mobile to PC and consoles. For now, though, it seems to be mobile-only.