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Dead By Daylight Visual Terror Radius For Survivors Teased For Next Update

Dead by Daylight teased a visual Terror Radius for survivors, revealing a much-wanted accessibility and QoL feature.
Dead By Daylight Visual Terror Radius For Survivors Teased For Next Update

Dead by Daylight's PC and console editions once boasted many more features than Dead By Daylight Mobile, but, with NetEase's recent major updates to the mobile edition of Dead by Daylight, the two games are nearly identical to one another. In fact, Dead by Daylight Mobile features are also making their way to the PC and console versions of the game, with a visual Terror Radius for survivors being the first of them.

Dead By Daylight Introduces Visual Terror Radius

dead by daylight visual terror radius
The visual Terror Radius displays as a heartbeat on the survivor's chest, growing faster when the killer is near. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Behaviour Interactive first mentioned visual Terror Radiuses in their Dead by Daylight Year 7 roadmap, when they announced that the feature would be coming sometime this year. In March 2023, the Dead by Daylight Twitter account posted an updated teaser of the upcoming feature, showcasing the visual terror radius in action and reassuring players that it is "coming soon."

Like Dead by Daylight Mobile, the Terror Radius is displayed for survivors as a red heartbeat in their chest. The closer the killer, the faster and more intense the heartbeat.

Many Dead by Daylight fans have been asking for visual Terror Radiuses to be added to the PC and console versions of the game since it was created back in 2016. Being able to hear the terror radius is integral to understanding when the killer is coming near the player, but there are many circumstances in which a player might not be able to hear the terror radius. For example, it can be challenging for players without headsets to hear the killer coming, and those who are hard of hearing.

Unlike in Dead By Daylight Mobile, the visual Terror Radius can be toggled on or off in settings. The feature will be turned off by default. 

Based on the teaser, it's likely that we'll see this visual Terror Radius added to the game in the next update; if it isn't stable enough to release at that time, then it's possible PC players will get to try out the feature in the upcoming PTB. For now, that's all we know about the visual Terror Radius feature coming to Dead by Daylight.

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