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What Is The Entity In Dead By Daylight? A Lore Deepdive

What is the ominous Entity in Dead by Daylight mentioned in the lore? We'll explain here.
What Is The Entity In Dead By Daylight? A Lore Deepdive

Dead by Daylight is set in a universe where killers are forced to hunt down survivors in The Fog, with killers being altered to have some unique abilities that they wouldn't be able to have outside of The Entity's Realm to complete this deadly task. This killer and survivor lore raises a lot of questions about what The Entity is, and its motivations, if it even has any.

If you've ever played a game of Dead by Daylight, you've almost no doubt had an encounter with The Entity, even if you didn't realize it. Its creepy claws wrap their way around generators, blocking them when survivors use Cheryl Mason's perk Repressed Alliance or when killers use The Plague's Corrupt Intervention. And, of course, it's the mysterious and unsettling being that comes from the sky to take survivors who have met their fate on their third hook.

So you've probably seen The Entity in some of its forms - but what actually is this being, and what role does it play in Dead by Daylight? In this guide, we'll explain The Entity's role in the 4v1 asymmetrical game and how it plays into the lore of maps, characters, and more.

Entity dead by daylight
The Entity's claws block generators when survivors and killers use certain perks. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

What Exactly Is The Entity?

While we don't know a ton about The Entity, much of what we do know comes from the lore journals of a character named Benedict Baker, whose writings have been revealed in the game's Archives. In one journal entry about The Entity, Baker describes it as "evil in its purest form." Baker was also the one who gave The Entity its name - at least as it's referred to by those in the Realm. "It does not seem to be dangerous in itself," he explains.

According to another character known as The Observer, The Entity takes over Realms and corrupts them, feeding off of the strong emotions of both survivors and killers. This explains the many different maps in Dead by Daylight, and why all of them feature locations that are important to the game's characters according to their lore. Survivors and killers experience strong emotions during Trials, which is The Entity's reason for putting our favorite characters in this never-ending cycle.

While Dead by Daylight's Entity might be a mysterious deity, we do know a little bit about this character that plays such an important role in Dead by Daylight's ever-unfolding lore. As the Archives continue to receive new entries with each new Tome, we'll likely learn more about this being and the role it plays in the game's story.