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Dead By Daylight 'What The Fog' Reimagines Survivors With New Roguelike Game

Dead by Daylight's new game, What The Fog, redesigns fan-favourite original survivors.
Dead By Daylight 'What The Fog' Reimagines Survivors With New Roguelike Game
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The newest game in the world of Dead by Daylight is What The Fog, a platforming adventure by Behaviour Interactive. In What the Fog, which was announced during the game's 8th anniversary livestream on 14 May, players are "sucked into a cursed board game." They'll need to work together to survive, while running, jumping, dashing, and shooting through swarms of monsters.

The graphics are bright and fun, in contrast to Dead by Daylight's darker, more eerie visual themes. We also get to see adorable versions of the original DBD survivors, including Claudette, Dwight, and Feng Min. For now, these are the only survivors available in What The Fog, though more could be added in the future.

What The Fog is the first game in the DBD universe to include roguelike gameplay. Despite taking on completely new gameplay mechanics and a new visual style, players will still be able to team up to get Bloodpoints, fix generators, and open the exit gates. In other words, What The Fog is a totally new experience set in the world of Dead by Daylight - and the Entity still reigns. Levels in What The Fog are procedurally generated, meaning that each time you play, your experience will be different.

The game is now available on Steam on PC for $4.99. Or, you can get one of the first 2 2 million copies for free by linking your Behaviour Interactive account. The game currently isn't available on any other platforms other than Steam/PC, but this could change in the future.

dead by daylight what the fog
The newest game in the Dead by Daylight universe is What The Fog, a new two-person cooperative roguelite game. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

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