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Dead By Daylight Wiggle Skill Check Changes Explained (2023)

Dead by Daylight has changed its wiggle system again, so here's everything you need to know to keep up.
Dead By Daylight Wiggle Skill Check Changes Explained (2023)

Dead by Daylight's wiggle system once required players to mash an input to struggle, causing accessibility issues and other problems that frustrated longtime players and newbies alike. The team has experimented with lots of changes to that system recently, outlining a schedule for Wiggle System changes in the Year 7 Roadmap.

The new Wiggle system is finally here; as of the 6.5.0 update, Dead by Daylight's Wiggle system is permanently changing for everyone. Here's what you need to know in order to stay up to date with the Dead by Daylight Wiggle system changes.

DBD Wiggle System Changes

Dead by daylight new wiggle system
Dead by Daylight's new Wiggle system does not reward survivors with more progress for hitting Great Skill Checks. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Wiggle system has changed for good as of the 6.5.0 update, made live on 24th January 2023. This update made the ping-pong Skill Check Wiggle system permanent, meaning that users will no longer need to button mash in order to Wiggle anymore. Many users opted into the Wiggle beta, meaning they got to experience the new Wiggle system early - and those users will only see a few minor changes to what they've experienced on live servers already.

In addition to making the ping-pong Skill Check Wiggle system permanent, Dead by Daylight also added in some changes to that system that have not yet been seen before.

For one, Great Skill Checks now make it harder for the killer to move in a straight line rather than shortening their carry time directly. The size of the Great Skill Checks has also been increased to accommodate for this change, making it a bit easier for survivors to consistently hit them.

DBD Wiggle System Patch Notes

dead by daylight escape wiggle system
The Dead by Daylight Wiggle system allows survivors to wiggle free from the killer's grasp if they carry them for too long. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Here's a look at all of the Wiggle-related changes published in the update, courtesy of Behaviour Interactive:

"Following a period in BETA, the updated Wiggle system is now standard for all players. Rather than mashing the left and right inputs to Wiggle, it now follows a ping-pong Skill Check system.   

Based on the feedback we’ve received from players – thank you very much – we have made a few adjustments to the system.  

  • Controller input handling has been improved, which should allow Killers to respond to Wiggling more efficiently while carrying Survivors.    
  • Survivors no longer shorten carry time by hitting Great Skill Checks. Instead, Great Skill Checks will increase resistance for the Killer. 
  • The size of the Great Skill Check zone has been slightly increased. We’ve also updated the Wiggling sound effects for improved feedback."

That's all you need to know about the most recent wiggle updates and changes in Dead by Daylight. Stay tuned for more updates as Behaviour Interactive releases them.

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