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Dead Island 2 Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked

We have curated a Dead Island 2 tier list that highlights some of the best and the worst weapons in the game.
Dead Island 2 Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked

There are more than ten weapon types in Dead Island 2, and each has a distinct weight and feel to it. These include melee weapons like Swords and Hammers and ranged weapons like Shotguns and Revolvers. 

Exploring the world and completing main missions and side quests will unlock new and powerful weapons for you to use. However, as you make progress, you will find yourself with an overwhelming number of options. But with a limited inventory space and no way to expand it, there's only so much you can carry, right?

As such, we have curated a Dead Island 2 weapons tier list, which ranks the best weapons you can use in the game. 

Dead Island 2 weapon rarity explained

best weapons dead island 2
Weapons come in different rarities. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

Before we get into the weapons tier list, it's essential to discuss the weapons' rarity in Dead Island 2. It could be anything from common (grey), uncommon (green), rare (blue), superior (pink), and legendary (gold). 

Aside from its rarity, there are other factors that determine the potency of a weapon, such as its perks. Legendary and superior weapons have four perk slots, whereas rare weapons have three. Uncommon weapons only have two perk slots, whereas common weapons have one.

Every weapon has at least one inherent perk, and its other perk slots are empty. You can insert weapon perks of your choice in any weapon at a workbench. Some superior and legendary weapons have more than one inherent perk and mod. 

Aside from rarity and exclusive perks, there are other factors that also determine how powerful a weapon is. However, for the sake of simplicity, our weapon tier list has been curated on the basis of those two factors only. 

S-tier consists of legendary and superior weapons, whereas A-tier consists of superior and rare weapons. B-tier consists of only rare weapons. 

Dead Island 2 best weapon tier list

best weapons dead island 2
There are several factors that determine how powerful a weapon is. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)
Tier Rank Weapons
S-tier Emma's Wrath (Hammer), Mutilator Pickaxe,  Jade Dragon, Electrocutor Short-Barreled Shotgun, Acid Rain Heavy Revolver
A-tier Primed Crowbar, Agile Officer's Sword, Vampiric Claymore, Black Magic (Metal Bat), Cremator Whispering Blade, Liquidator Shotgun, Pole Saw, Mutilator Zombie Sword,  Mattock
B-tier Electrocutor's Officer's Sword, Assault Shotgun, Claw, Heavy Wrench, Wakizashi, Machine Pistol

And that concludes our Dead Island 2 weapon tier list. We recommend that you take this list as a reference rather than a concrete list of the best weapons in the game because, as mentioned previously, there are several factors that determine the potency of a weapon in this game. Most weapons come with empty mod and perks slots, and it's up to you to carve it into a beast of a weapon.  

That said, we will continue to update this article with our preferred in-game weapons as we progress further into the game.