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Dead Island 2 And DeadHappy Shake Up The Afterlife With The Deathwish

Dead Island 2 has partnered with DeadHappy to offer the "Deathwish," a satirical life insurance option for Brits afraid of becoming zombies after death.
Dead Island 2 And DeadHappy Shake Up The Afterlife With The Deathwish

Dead Island 2 has teamed up with UK-based insurance company DeadHappy to offer a unique service called the "Deathwish" that aims to help prevent loved ones from rising from the dead as flesh-eating zombies. According to a poll of 2,000 adults, zombie resurrection apparently tops many Brits' post-death fear, with 40% stating they don't want to return as a zombie (go figure). So to address this fear, the Deathwish provides funeral expenses coverage and instructions for friends and family to party it up in a celebratory wake that guarantees no unwanted resurrections.

But the Deathwish is not just about avoiding a zombie apocalypse. It's also about leaving a lasting impression after death. "Send your mates to the real LA for a zombie cocktail fuelled party before it goes to hell! A wake to end all wakes, in your honor," the product page states. Of course, that's a far better send-off than most Brits fear happening to their bodies after being unalived. Accordingly, those fears include being cremated and having their ashes scattered, having their organs donated, or having a traditional burial underground in a coffin (boring!). As such, the Deathwish might be the solution for those who want to make a unique statement.


It's worth noting that the Deathwish is a non-legally-binding option on life insurance policies offered by DeadHappy. Rather, it focuses on changing attitudes toward passing away and promoting positive ways to remember loved ones. To celebrate the launch of Dead Island 2, a satirical video creative has been released that draws inspiration from classic American infomercials and advertises the Deathwish policy. The video (embedded below) is a humorous take on the fear of zombie resurrection and encourages viewers to check out the Deathwish on the DeadHappy website.

While the Deathwish ad is a satirical take on classic American infomercials, it is, in fact, a very real product that aims to address people's fears about what happens after death in a fun and informative way. The product can be added to your life insurance policy for £8,000, giving you the afterlife afterparty you deserve (albeit not legally enforceable). "It’s a good thing our HELL-A outbreak is entirely fictional, but if it ever were to happen, at least fans will have a good idea on what it takes to survive.  We’re pretty sure most people would agree they wouldn’t love to come back as a zombie. But there’s no harm in being prepared for the unexpected – and taking out this Dead Island-inspired option for this unlikely event could pay dividends," said Simon Turner, PLAION UK Marketing Director.

Dead Island 2 is now available on Xbox Series X and Xbox One, PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment systems, and the Epic Games Store for PC. The game is developed and distributed by Deep Silver, which has published over 200 games since 2003, including the open-world extravaganza Saints Row, the zombie action franchise Dead Island, and the gritty, post-apocalyptic Metro series.