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Dead Island 2: Farouk's House Key Location

Here's how to get Farouk's house key in Dead Island 2.
Dead Island 2: Farouk's House Key Location

The Beverly Hills region of Dead Island 2 is a massive place, with over nine side quests and two-story quests for you to complete. There are also several houses you can explore for resources and gear. 

Farouk is a music producer who also happens to have a house in Beverly Hills. You may visit their place during the side quest, "Resurrect The Rex," to grab master tapes, during Obi's Lost & Found quest, or you just accidentally stumble upon it while exploring. Either way, you can't enter their place the good old-fashioned way since the front door is locked. As such, here's our guide explaining where to find Farouk's house key in Dead Island 2. 

Where to find Farouk's house key in Dead Island 2

farouk house key
Bring a battery to power up the generator and open up the garden door to Farouk's house. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

Farouk's house key is, well, in Farouk's house. The good news is that there's an alternate path leading into the house. On the right side of the front door, there's a dead battery generator. You need to bring a car's battery and insert it in the generator to blast open Farouk's garden door behind it. 
Thankfully, there are several batteries in this area. Exit the house from near the front gate and take the first left. Turn left again, and you will find a white van. There's a battery sitting on top of the van. You can climb on it using the sofa behind the van (how convenient).

Bring the battery back to the generator to power it up and destroy the garden door. Doing so will attract several zombies, including a Grenadier. Take them out and turn left. From here, you can easily break the glass on the left and enter the house. 

farouk house key
Farouk's house key can be found at the entrance of the house. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

You can find Farouk's house key at the entrance, on the opposite side of the front door. There's also a Crusher here. Take it out to get the Uncommon Wakizashi Sword. 

And that's it. That concludes our guide on how to get Farouk's house key in Dead Island 2.