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How Long To Beat Dead Island 2? Story Length

Here's how long it could take you to beat Dead Island 2.
How Long To Beat Dead Island 2? Story Length

Dead Island 2 is a first-person sandbox-style action game with an emphasis on melee combat. It features several sprawling open-ended regions to explore, but it isn't an open-world game. 

Aside from main missions, there are a bunch of side quests and challenges to complete, and you may be wondering how long it may take you to beat Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 campaign length explained

dead island 2
Dead Island 2's campaign is meaty. (Picture: Deep Silver)

Dead Island 2 could take between 20-40 hours to beat, depending on the number of side quests, challenges, and exploration you squeeze in between main missions. 

There are 24 story missions and 33 side quests in Dead Island 2. In addition to these, there are 15 Lost and Found quests, which are like treasure hunts. Lost and Found quests are a great way to obtain some high-tier weapons. 

Last but not least, there are 84 in-game challenges, which focus on different aspects of the gameplay. Completing challenges unlocks new blueprints, skill cards, weapons, and more. 

Completing the main missions can take somewhere between 15-20 hours, whereas completionists, as mentioned previously, could take up to 40 hours if not more, to beat Dead Island 2. 

This number can go up if you decide to start a new game with another character, focusing on a different build. 

Furthermore, both Dead Island 1 and Dead Island: Riptide had a New Game Plus mode, and while there hasn't been any official info on NG+ mode for Dead Island 2, it could be added down the line.