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Dead Island 2 Military Courier Key Location

Here's how to get the Military Courier key in Dead Island 2.
Dead Island 2 Military Courier Key Location

The Halperin Hotel is one of the early places you get to explore in Dead Island 2. Interestingly, it has the highest number of locked safes in the entire map. While you should be able to find the keys to most of the reception safes on your first visit, there are two safes whose keys are nowhere to be found.

One of them is the Military Courier safe on the opposite side of the reception. The zombie that has this safe's key won't appear until your second visit. Given it can be a bit tricky, we've pulled together a quick guide to explain how to get the Military Courier key in Dead Island 2

Where to find the Military Courier key in Dead Island 2

military courier key location
The Military Courier guy has the key. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

You can find the Military Courier key on the Military Courier zombie who spawns in the lobby of the Halperin Hotel. However, he won't spawn until you have finished the main quest where you fight Becki the Bride.

military courier guy location
The exact spawn location of the Military Courier guy. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

Come back to the lobby of Halperin Hotel after you have unlocked fast-travel, or during the side quest, "The Rav-Age of Caustic-X," and the Military Courier guy should spawn. 

However, he won't immediately appear, and you have to make some noise and kill some of his buddies to bring him out from hiding. Now would be a good time to use a Nail Bomb or the Pipe Bomb, granted you have unlocked them.

military courier location
The exact location of the Military Courier. (Picture: Shreyansh / Deep Silver)

Once he appears, the lobby will start getting pretty crammed with flesh eating critters. Not only will you have to contend with the Military Courier guy but there will likely be a couple of other runner zombies, and a screamer to make things that little bit harder.

Due to it being a little cramped, you might not get plenty of space to fight him. As such, it's best to lure the Military Courier guy outside in the courtyard next to the Caustic-X pool. 

Once you have trampled the Military Courier guy, grab the key from his corpse and head to the lobby. The Military Courier is on the left of the entrance gate.