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Death Stranding: How to Repair Your Bike

In this guide, we'll show you how to unlock and repair your bike in Death Stranding.
Death Stranding: How to Repair Your Bike

Sam Porter Bridges has various futuristic and cool-looking vehicles at his disposal when traversing the post-apocalyptic world of Death Stranding. One of these is the iconic bike he uses at the beginning of the game, called the Reverse Trike.

However, when you first get the bike, it requires some TLC to get up and running. So in this guide, we'll show you how to repair the Reverse Trike in Death Stranding and get yourself riding around on this futuristic bike in no time. 

Death Stranding - How to Find and Repair the Bike

After reaching the Distribution Center just west of Capital Knot City, you'll find a rusted Reverse Trike sitting just outside. Reaching this center only takes a few hours to find when playing through the main story, depending on your speed of progression and if you're taking any side missions or exploring. Once you find the bike and try to ride it, you'll get a message that says its battery needs to be charged first. 

Death Stranding Finding Bike Outside distribution center and getting generator
Once the bike is found, you'll need to complete a mission to unlock the generator to charge the bike and get it running. (Picture: YouTube / Astrosive)

To charge the battery, players will need to unlock the Generator by completing one of the main delivery missions that this distribution center offers you. More specifically, you need to complete Order No.9, which requires players to deliver a power supply unit to a Wind Farm west of the Distribution Center. 

Once you've completed this, you'll unlock the Generator which can be built using the PCC. If you don't have any PCCs on your person, then just go inside the facility, and use the Delivery Terminal to fabricate one, although we recommend having a few of these on you at all times. Now you can head over to the bike and press the down arrow on the directional pad to select the Generator when using your PCC. 

Death Stranding PLace generator down to charge the bike's batteries and get it running.
Once you have the generator, place it down near the Bike to charge the batteries and get it running again. (Picture: YouTube / Astrosive)

When placing your generator, make sure that your bike is within the blue radius of where you're placing it, as this is the charge range of the generator. Once placed, the Reverse Trike will charge up almost instantly and be fully driveable. 

Death Stranding - How to make Repairs to the Reverse Trike

Although there are a few vehicles in the game that you can use to traverse the world, in the beginning sections of the game, the Reverse Trike will be your main way of getting from A to B. So you'll want to repair the bike as it gets damaged when driving around the world. 

Death Stranding Making repairs to your bike using the garage feature
Take your bike to one of your garages and store it there to get it fixed instantly. (Picture: YouTube / Astrosive)

To do this, take your bike to a facility or distribution center where you have your private room and drive it over the elevator that would normally take you to your room. Then use the delivery terminal and select the Garage tab. Here you'll see the Reverse Trike under the Elevator tab. Select this and choose the "Store Vehicle" option. 

This will store the bike in your garage and automatically make any repairs to the bike bringing it back to full working condition and making it look brand new. You can then take the bike out and continue on your epic adventure. 

Death Stranding get your bike from your garage fully fixed and drive through other generators in the world to charge it
if you're playing online, you can keep your bike running by using other players' generators in the world, and if you're offline, keep a PCC on hand to create a generator to charge your bike. (Picture: YouTube / Astrosive)

One last thing to note is that as you drive, your bike will slowly drain its charge. If you're playing online, you'll likely come across other generators built by other players that you can drive through to recharge the bike.

If you're playing online, just be sure to have a PCC with you so you can build your own whenever your bike runs low on power.