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Demonologist: How To Fix Lobby Status Bug

Demonologist's lobby bug is still affecting players, so here's how to fix it.
Demonologist: How To Fix Lobby Status Bug
(Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Demonologist players have been running into a pretty annoying bug when playing with friends that can definitely affect your team; many players aren't able to see the status of other players in their lobby, so it's impossible to know whether they're still in a game and what their current state is. For those looking for help, here's the best ways to fix the lobby status bug in Demonologist.

How To Fix Demonologist's Lobby Status Bug

Demonologist's lobby status bug prevents players from seeing the status of other players in their lobby. According to Clock Wizard Games, this issue was fixed in patch v.1.1.4. However, many users still seem to be running into this problem.

"We are still investigating and getting reports about the problems, and actively working on them," Deerboi of Clock Wizard Games wrote on the game's official Discord, while also hinting at some new features coming in the near future.

While Clock Wizard Games has yet to fix the problem, there are a few things you can try to resolve the lobby status bug in Demonologist on your own.

demonologist lobby
Demonologist's lobby status bug prevents players from knowing their teammates' status. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Restart Your Game

Of course, the first thing you'll want to try when running into this bug - or almost any in-game issue - is to restart your game. To make completely sure the game is closed, you might want to also press CTRL+ALT+DEL and make sure you've closed all instances of Demonologist. Then, you can try opening the game again and re-joining your friends.

Start A New Party

If restarting your game doesn't work, you can always just try starting a new party. You might also try switching up who is the host; if you're hosting, let your friend do so, or vice versa. This can fix some issues with party status in Demonologist.

Wait For An Official Fix

Unfortunately, if none of the above fixes solve your problem in Demonologist, you might just need to wait for an official fix from Clock Wizard Games. Developers are aware of the issue, so a fix should be coming in an upcoming update, although, with the Christmas holidays approaching, it's hard to know how soon the developer will be able to push out a fix before the start of 2023.