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How To Get and Use Fulu Talisman In Demonologist

The Fulu Talisman can help you catch a glimpse of your ghost in Demonologist.
How To Get and Use Fulu Talisman In Demonologist
(Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

There are tons of tools that can help players identify the ghost in Demonologist, some of which are better than others. The Fulu Talisman is one of the best items in the game to help increase ghost activity, but using it can be pretty risky - so you'll want to know what you're doing before you use it.

How To Get Fulu Talisman In Demonologist

In Demonologist, the Fulu Talisman is an item used to increase ghostly activity at the cost of also increasing their levels of aggression. That's why, as we mentioned earlier, using this object can be a little risky.

The Fulu Talisman is a purchasable object in Demonologist, meaning you won't need to find it in the maps or complete any special puzzles to get it, unlike items used for exorcisms like the Salt Gun. You can purchase the Fulu Talisman from the safe house once you're level 10, and then bring it with you onto your ghost hunt.

fulu talisman
The Fulu Talisman can be purchased from the item shop. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

How To Use Fulu Talisman In Demonologist

Once you have the Fulu Talisman in your loadout, you can use it at any time you wish - but use it very wisely, since you can only use any given Fulu Talisman one time. To use the Fulu Talisman, just equip it and press 'E' to burn it. Once it's burned, the ghost's activity and aggression levels will both instantly increase. You might also get to see a visual manifestation of the ghost in front of you, although this is more rare.

The best place to use the Fulu Talisman is in the ghost room, since, when the ghost's activity increases, they'll have a higher chance of interacting with the tools you've set out like Easels. This rise in activity won't be so useful, or noticeable, in rooms where the ghost isn't hanging out.