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How To Get Pets In Demonologist

Here's how to get a cuddly cat, dog, or even tortoise to bring with you on your ghost hunts in Demonologist.
How To Get Pets In Demonologist
(Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

In Demonologist, you can spend your money on helpful tools to help you identify the ghost - but you can also spend it on adorable little pets that will accompany you between your journeys. Pets might not be super helpful on your ghost hunts, but they will supply you with some companionship in the Safe House. Here's how to get pets - from a cat to a dog or even a turtle - in Demonologist, and what they do.

How To Get Pets For Your Safe House In Demonologist

Currently, there are five pets available in Demonologist:

  • Cat (named Si-Yu)
  • Dog
  • Chicken
  • Flamingo
  • Turtle

While these are the only five pets available right now, it's possible that more could be added in future updates. Each pet costs $6,200. You can purchase any of the above pets from the Safe House.

demonologist pets
Demonologist allows players to choose from five pets, including this absolute CHONK. (Picture: Clock Wizard Games)

Pets don't actually do anything aside from roam around your Safe House, so remember that they're more of an accessory investment than something that can actually help you on your ghost hunts. While in the Safe House, you can walk up to your pet and press 'E' to feed or interact with them. Unfortunately, you can't bring your pets with you on to a ghost hunt - better keep them safe in the Safe House!

Can You Have Multiple Pets?

Absolutely. You can have more than one pet active at once, so you can try to collect them all! However, buying all of the pets in Demonologist will cost you $31,000, so it will definitely take some time to save up if your goal is to collect all the pets. Considering they don't do anything to help you identify the ghost, either, you might be better off first buying all of the tools and equipment, and then buying accessories like pets.