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Destiny 2: How To Unlock All Subclasses

With the release of Destiny 2 New Light, Bungie has changed how the game’s four subclasses are unlocked.
Destiny 2: How To Unlock All Subclasses

Bungie's shared-world shooter, Destiny 2, has come a long way since it first launched in 2017. In the last four years, Destiny 2 has undergone many changes, for better or worse. Last year, Bungie introduced Destiny Content Vault, through which it removes certain content from the game to pave the wave for new content. After vaulting the Red Legion campaign before launching the Beyond Light expansion, Bungie now plans to vault the Forsaken DLC before the launch of The Witch Queen next year.

With such frequent changes, it's hard to keep track of various gameplay and narrative beats happening in the world of Destiny 2, even for veteran fans. One pivotal change that Bungie brought in since the launch of New Light, Destiny 2's free-to-play version of the game, is how the various subclasses are unlocked. It can be confusing for both newcomers and veteran fans that are returning to Destiny 2 after a significant gap. As such, here's how to unlock every Destiny 2 subclass in 2021.

How to Unlock Light Subclasses in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 how to unlock subclasses
Completing the “Stoking the Flame” quest will unlock the Solar subclass. (Picture: Bungie)

Destiny 2 offers four different subclasses, which are common to all three classes. The light subclasses are based on the three different elemental types the game offers, which are Solar, Arc and Void. New players of Titan, Warlock or Hunter classes have access to only one subclass at the beginning of the game. Titans starts off with Sentinel (Solar elemental), Warlock starts off with Dawnblade (Void elemental), and Hunters starts off with Arcstrider (Arc elemental).

Destiny 2 subclasses
Players can get the different subclass quests from Ikora in the Tower. (Picture: Bungie)

Players have to complete the New Light campaign, which consists of a quest called "A Guardian Rises." The quest primarily takes place in Cosmodrome. Once the Tower is unlocked, players will have to talk to the Tower residents, such as Zavala and Ikora Rey, and complete a strike called "The Disgrace" to complete the "A Guardian Rises" quest and the New Light questline altogether. The quests to unlock the subclasses are made available after talking to Zavala again, which will also activate the questline, "A Spark of Hope." Players do not have to complete "A Spark of Hope" to trigger the subclass quests. Just holding it should do the trick. 

Destiny 2 Riding the storm
Completing the “Riding the Storm” quest will unlock the Arc subclass. (Picture: Bungie)

Zavala will direct players to Ikora in the Tower, who will give the quests to unlock the remaining Light subclasses. Players will get two different quests out of three (depending on their class) called "Riding the Storm", "Stoking the Flame",  and "Gazing into the Abyss", completing which will unlock the Arc, Solar, and Void subclass respectively. All three subclass quests require players to do a set amount of elemental damage ( from energy weapons), generate orbs of power ten times and gain 25,000 XP. 

The elemental type of any energy weapon is labelled next to the power number. Furthermore, the orange colour represents the Solar type, blue represents Arc type, and purple represents the void type. Orbs of Power are generated by killing enemies using the super. XPs are gained easily by completing bounties.

How to Unlock Dark Subclass in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 dark
Stasis is the only Dark subclass available in Destiny 2. (Picture: Bungie)

Destiny 2 offers only one Dark subclass called Stasis, introduced in the Beyond Light expansion. Unlocking the Stasis subclass is relatively simple though the process is time taking. To unlock the Stasis subclass, players have to defeat the final boss Eramis. The Stasis subclass is unlocked at step 32 of step 34 of the Beyond Light campaign, reaching which can take six to seven hours of playthrough. Once it's unlocked, the Stasis subclass appears on the right-hand side of the equipped subclass in the character inventory. Players can toggle between Light and Dark subclasses at any time.


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Featured image courtesy of Bungie.

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