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Destiny 2 Memory Locations In Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

The Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon contains 12 collectible Memory Fragments that help to improve your chances of getting the new Dungeon exotic weapon. Let's take a look at where to find them.
Destiny 2 Memory Locations In Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

Destiny 2's newest Dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep, brings with it another round of collectibles in the form of Memory of Darkness fragments. These tell the tale of Xivu Arath and the Sword Logic, but more important to everyone trying to get their hands on the new Exotic Strand Trace Rifle, The Navigator, collecting all 12 of these memory fragments grants you a higher chance at the weapon dropping from the final boss. 

Today, we're going to break down exactly where all 12 of the Memory of Darkness fragments are and how to get your hands on them. Remember that if you miss any of these, your Triumph for the collectibles will tell you which ones you have and which ones you need. Get ready, we're going to go deep into this one. 

Where To Find All 12 Memory of Darkness Collectible Locations in Ghosts of the Deep

The memory fragments are scattered fairly well in the Dungeon, but since it's not a largely sprawling Dungeon like Duality, these are easy to miss and might require multiple runs if you miss them. Since you're going to be falling down for most of the Dungeon's exploration sections, make sure to keep an eye out for these blue Calcified-Fragment-like collectibles. 

Memory of Darkness #1 - First Encounter

The first collectible is hidden in the first encounter. Make your way out of the spawn location and you'll come across a group of trees near a small cliff edge. Jump over those trees and head down into a secret underground room where you can collect the first Memory of Darkness. 

Memory of Darkness #1 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #2 - Turbines

Memories 2-10 are all in this space between the first and second encounters, so make sure you keep an eye on this page as you explore! To find the second Memory of Darkness, head forward until you come across the large white room where you have to jump through a fence to continue forward. Once in this room, make your way to the back of the room and climb up until you get into the dark red room on the right of the hallway. Here, you'll find the second memory! 

Memory of Darkness #2 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #3 - Neon Glow

For the third memory fragment, make your way through the tunnel and straight ahead until you come across a well-lit room with neon everywhere. The third fragment will be up on a platform off to the left

Memory of Darkness #3 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #4 - Pillar

The fourth fragment is going to be attached to a pillar with spinning platforms rotating around it. Jump up to the top platform and hold your Interact button to claim the fourth Memory of Darkness! 

Memory of Darkness #4 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #5 - Orange Doors

The fifth Memory of Darkness fragment is going to be a bit further down after you've descended into the water. Once you make your way into the room underwater, there will be a door illuminated by orange lights that's open ever so slightly. Squeeze through the opening to collect the fifth fragment! 

Memory of Darkness #5 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #6 - Catwalk

Make your way further down until you come across the first of the propellers that boost you into the first checkpoint rooms. Head past the fan and you'll come across the fragment on a catwalk just on the other side of the platform

Memory of Darkness #6 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #7 - Broken Glass

As you make your way down further, you'll eventually come across some broken glass. Continue along the wall to the left in this area to get to an opening highlighted by a red spotlight. head out and to the left to collect this fragment. 

Memory of Darkness #7 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #8 - Spotlight

As you advance, you'll go down a long drop and make your way back into the water. After you drop down into the water, you'll see a spotlight glowing slightly behind where you land. Head toward that spotlight and the eighth fragment will be right beside it. 

Memory of Darkness #8 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #9 - Hive Ship Detour

After making your way down toward the engine of the Hive ship at the edge of a cliff, take a sharp right turn instead of following the path to the left. Here, you'll find the fragment resting up on a piece of coral

Memory of Darkness #9 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #10 - Water Spill

The tenth Memory of Darkness fragment will be in the Hive Ship just before you reach the second encounter. Make your way into the room with the tubes that spit you out on the catwalks. You'll see one that has its output pointing slightly downward and water pouring out of it. The fragment will be right inside of that tube. 

Memory of Darkness #10 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #11 - Fenced In

The eleventh fragment can be found after the second encounter. After a bit more underwater traversal, you'll come across some stairs that want you to continue off to the right. Instead, check the black fence that has some water running in front of it for the second to last fragment. 

Memory of Darkness #11 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

Memory of Darkness #12 - Oryx's Grave

Your twelfth and final Memory of Darkness fragment is in the final boss arena where you skip around Oryx's corpse. After completing the encounter, head back into the cave where the Lucent Hive Acolyte is fought. Once there, you'll find the circle and Taken King symbols from the boss fight. Line them up as you do for the encounter and a new path will open next to where the Taken King symbol just was. Go inside to collect your last Memory of Darkness fragment! 

Memory of Darkness #12 (Image: YouTube | Datto)

There you have it! All 12 of the Memory of Darkness fragments are now yours! Be sure to collect the triumph so that your next run has a better chance of dropping the exotic Trace Rifle, The Navigator. 

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