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How To Unlock More Loadout Slots In Destiny 2

Loadouts have finally made their way into Destiny 2 proper, but how do you unlock them all? We're going to break it all down.
How To Unlock More Loadout Slots In Destiny 2

While players have been able to use Third-Party Applications like DIM to build Loadouts in Destiny 2 for years, they've never been accessible in-game. That is, until now.

With the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall players have been getting into the weeds of their brand-new in-game Loadouts feature. However, only 6 Loadout slots are available from the jump, so how do you unlock more Loadout slots in Destiny 2? We're going to go over exactly how it's done. 

How To Unlock More Loadouts In Destiny 2

Upon logging into Destiny 2, you may have noticed that you now have 6 Loadout slots to fill as you please, with the ability to customize them as you see fit, as long as it's with Bungie's predetermined names, colors, and icons. While having these 6 Loadout slots is nice, those 4 other slots sit there nagging at you to unlock them, so how do you unlock them?

All 10 slots!

To acquire the additional 4 Loadout slots, you must complete a solo-flawless run of a Legend Lost Sector and turn in the Triumph for Guardian Rank 7. That means no dying. You will need to reach a high enough Power Level that you can enter, survive, and complete one of the harder pieces of content in Destiny 2. This is no easy feat, but doing so will grant you not only these 4 Loadout slots, but also a chance at one of the more recent Exotic armor pieces, depending on what day of the rotation it is on any given day. 


We recommend taking it very slowly. Make sure you're at least 1810 with your artifact. Equip some reliable gear and mods to help with survivability. Of course, you'll have things like tougher enemies and Champions to deal with, so make sure you bring some Anti-Champion weapons. This is all about patience and being methodical. Don't get frustrated if you don't get it done in your first few runs, either. Learning the layouts and becoming intimately familiar with where the Champs spawn in is paramount to your success. Breathe, take it slow, and eventually, you'll make it through in one piece. 

Once you've made it through, you can turn in your Triumph and unlock more Loadout slots! Great job, I knew you could do it! Now go out there and put some crazy builds together! 

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