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Why Is The Destiny API Down?

The Destiny 2 API is down, but what is an API, why is it down, and when will it be back?
Why Is The Destiny API Down?

Oh no! You’ve just installed the latest patch or sat down to play Lightfall, and you can’t get Destiny Item Manager or the Destiny 2 Companion App to work! That means that the Destiny 2 API is down. But what is the Destiny 2 API? What does it mean when the Destiny 2 API is down? And, more importantly, when will the Destiny API come back online? Here’s what you need to understand the Destiny API and why you can’t get into your virtual vault to check those sweet, sweet rolls. 

What Is The Destiny API?

Destiny 2 is supported by an API, or application programming interface, to communicate between its various systems. An API will allow any number of complex programs to interact and provide information back and forth. They’re used by things like your phone’s weather app, websites that allow you to sign in via another platform’s credentials, using Paypal to impulse buy on Amazon, and so on.


Some companies use open APIs so that any number of third-party developers can take that secure data and build their own companion applications with it. Destiny 2 is one such product. The Destiny API allows third-party developers like Destiny Item Manager (DIM), Raid Report, Today In Destiny, and even the official Destiny 2 Companion App to access your player account information and general information from the game. 

Without the Destiny API, DIM can’t switch things between characters and the Vault, Ishtar Collective can’t check to see if there is new lore to read, and the Destiny 2 Companion App won’t allow you to buy bounties while in orbit. With Lightfall’s release bringing in-game Loadouts, you also won’t be able to switch between kits if the Destiny API is down for any reason. 

This is worsened when considering some of the more hardcore Destiny 2 players have postmasters full of valuable end-game materials and drops. If you fail to check your postmaster between activities, you risk losing dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of grinding in the blink of an eye. So why does it go down at all? 

Why Is The Destiny API Down Right Now? 


Often, Bungie will bring the Destiny API down for regularly scheduled maintenance. However, there are incidents where the API is brought down due to issues with the game’s servers, hyper-specific bugs, or even a massive influx of players. Bungie, of course, reserves the right to pull down the API at any given time and, in extremely rare instances, the entire game. While this typically lasts no longer than a few hours at a time, it can be a thorn in the side of any regular Destiny player. 

The only way to circumvent the Destiny API going down is to do everything in the game. Unfortunately, this poses issues for players with very nearly or even full Vaults, as manually transferring gear and weapons between characters requires players to fly into either the H.E.L.M. or the Tower, depositing everything they need in their Vault, logging out and back in on the character they want to play on, and flying back into one of the aforementioned destinations only to realize you left your favorite Hand Cannon on your Hunter. 


When Will the Destiny API Be Back Up? 

The best way to guarantee that you’re in the loop on Destiny’s API going back online is to follow @BungieHelp on Twitter or to bookmark the official Bungie Help webpage and check in if you’re ever having issues logging into your favorite third-party Destiny 2 apps. Just remember that if the Destiny API is down, there is a reason for it, and the team at Bungie is actively working on it.

You can also take comfort in knowing you’re not alone while the Destiny API is down. Even the most grizzled of Destiny ancients have lost Ascendant Shards and Exotic Engrams to the temperamental god that is the Destiny API.


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