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How To Get Destiny 2 Wicked Implement - Quest Steps

If you want to get the Wicked Implement, a powerful exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2, follow this guide to learn how to unlock it in the game.
How To Get Destiny 2 Wicked Implement - Quest Steps

Destiny 2 has a new secret exotic quest that rewards players with a powerful stasis scout rifle called the Wicked Implement. This weapon is part of the Season of the Deep, which ends on August 22.

The Wicked Implement is a stasis scout rifle that has some unique perks and abilities. This weapon fires stasis projectiles that slow enemies on impact. Precision kills create stasis crystals that explode when damaged.

If you want to get your hands on this exotic, you’ll need to do some fishing, diving, and fighting. Here’s how to get the Wicked Implement in Destiny 2.

Wicked Implement Scout Rifle weapon perks and stats
Wicked Implement Scout Rifle weapon perks and stats. (Picture: Bungie)

How to Get Wicked Implement in Destiny 2?

Catch the Exotic fish

The first step to get the Wicked Implement is to catch three different types of Exotic fish from different planets. These fish are:

  • Whispering Mothcarp, found in Savathun’s throne world, in the Miasma area.
  • Vexing Placoderm, found on Nessus, in the Cistern area.
  • Aeonian Alpha-Betta, found in the European Dead Zone, in the Outskirts area.

To catch these fish, you’ll need some fishing equipment that you can obtain from Ahsa, the Deep Diver vendor at the H.E.L.M. She is a friendly Fallen who has a passion for fishing and exploring the depths of the solar system.

She sells various types of bait that are suitable for different planets and environments, so make sure you buy the ones that match the fish you’re looking for. You can also get some free bait from her weekly challenge, which involves catching a certain number of fish or completing a Deep Dive activity.

You will need to catch three different types of Exotic fishes to get started
You will need to catch three different types of Exotic fish to get started. (Picture: Bungie/ KackisHD)

To catch a fish, you need to find a fishing spot on the planet. These are marked by glowing blue circles on the ground. Once you find one, equip your rod and cast it into the circle. You’ll see a prompt on your screen when a fish bites. Press the button quickly to reel it in. You might catch some common or rare fish along the way, but keep trying until you get an Exotic one.

Once you have all three Exotic fish, go back to the H.E.L.M. and deposit them in your fish tank. You’ll get a piece of a Broken Blade for each fish you deposit. You’ll need all three pieces to proceed to the next step.

Deposit the Broken Blades

The next step is to deposit the Broken Blades at three Hive statues in the Deep Dive activity. This is a six-player matchmade activity that takes you into the depths of Titan’s ocean. You can launch it from the H.E.L.M. or from Titan’s map.

The Hive statues are hidden in different locations in the Deep Dive. Here’s where to find them:

  • The first statue is in the first underwater section at the start of the activity. After dropping down from the building into the cavern, loop around the cavern counter clockwise to find a tunnel. Follow the right-hand wall to find the statue on a ledge below you.
  • The second statue is in the first major encounter, in the outdoor area, right before Ahsa gives you another gift. There is a balcony on the left side of the arena with a door that will unlock part way through the fight. The statue is inside.
  • The third statue is past the drop with the fan at the bottom. When you reach the coral cavern, hug the left wall and follow it around a thin ledge to find the statue.
The next step is to deposit the Broken Blades at three Hive Statues
The next step is to deposit the Broken Blades at three Hive Statues. (Picture: Bungie)

Only one player in your fireteam needs to have all three Broken Blades, but everyone can deposit them if they have them. Once all three statues are filled, a fourth set of statues will appear after completing the second fight in the outdoor area. Instead of going through the door behind Ahsa’s gift, go to the right of the arena to find a door that leads to an orange force field and one Hive statue per player in your fireteam. Each player must activate one statue to lower the force field and start the Exotic mission.

Complete the Exotic mission

The final step is to complete the Exotic mission that lies beyond the force field. This is a timed challenge that gives you 10 minutes to clear several rooms of enemies and defeat a unique Tormentor boss named Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace.

Wicked Implement Exotic Quest Completion
Wicked Implement Exotic Quest Completion. (Picture: Bungie/ Esoterickk)

The mission is similar to previous secret Exotic missions like Whisper of the Worm and Zero Hour, but not as elaborate or complex. You’ll need to bring your best weapons and abilities for add-clearing and boss damage, as well as coordinate with your fire team.

  • The first room has several waves of Hive enemies that spawn from different doors. You’ll need to kill them all before moving on to the next room.
  • The second room has some platforming sections that require you to jump across gaps and avoid traps like spinning blades and lasers. You’ll also encounter some enemies along the way.
  • The third room has more Hive enemies and some Taken enemies as well. You’ll need to kill them all and activate four switches that open the door to the boss room.

The boss room has Omen, a large Tormentor with a shield that rotates between solar, arc, and void elements. You’ll need to match your weapons and abilities to his shield element and break it before you can damage him. He also summons more enemies and fires projectiles at you. You’ll need to dodge his attacks and focus on his weak spots, which are his head and his back.

If you manage to kill Omen before the timer runs out, you’ll complete the mission and get the Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle as a reward. You’ll also unlock a catalyst for the weapon, which you can complete by getting kills with it.

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