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Diablo 3 Belail Boss Fight : How To Beat, Location, Drops

Below we'll walk you through the Belail boss fight in Diablo 3, going over how to locate the boss, defeat it, and the rewards you'll get for your victory.
Diablo 3 Belail Boss Fight : How To Beat, Location, Drops

When it comes to powerful bosses, Diablo 3 doesn't disappoint, with powerful demons such as Belail, a ruler of hell, standing as a test of your skill. If you're struggling against this powerful boss and need some tips on bringing it down, then you're in the right place. 

Below we'll be walking you through how to find and defeat Belail in Diablo 3. We'll also go into detail covering its move set, tips on surviving the fight, and of course, the rewards you'll get for your efforts in taking it down. 

Belail Description and Location in Diablo 3

Ruling over half of hell in opposition to Azmodan, Belail was once a lesser Evil and has now become one of the Rulers of the fiery pits of hell. After Belail impersonates Emperor Hakan II of Caldeum, the player will find out their true identity and be tasked with taking him down. 

Diablo 3 Belail Walkthrough How To Beat Location And Drops description
Belail's can be fought in Caldeum and during the Lord of Lies quest. (Picture: YouTube/ skillfulasian54)

To find him, players will need to head to Caldeum and complete the quest "Lord of Lies". After discovering Belail has been impersonating the Emperor, he will unleash a meteor shower over the city, and you will need to save the innocent citizens of Caldeum. After seeing them to safety, head to the palace and face this demon. 

How To Beat Belail in Diablo 3

Belail has three main phases during your fight with him, with the first being fairly easy, and progressively getting more difficult as the boss fight goes on. Below we'll walk you through each phase and give you some tips on how to beat him. 

Belail Phase 1

Diablo 3 Belail Walkthrough How To Beat Location And Drops First Phase
Belail's first phase. (Picture: YouTube/ skillfulasian54)

The first phase of Belails boss fight is fairly simple as he won't be fighting you just yet. Instead, hell send out pawns for you to defeat, in his stead, so simply take them out until you draw Belail into the fight and begin the second phase. 

Belail Phase 2 

Diablo 3 Belail Walkthrough How To Beat Location And Drops Second Phase
Belail's second phase. (Picture: YouTube/ skillfulasian54)
  • Fly Swarms: Belail sends out three swarms of bugs that deal average damage.
  • Melee Attack: A basic melee attack that deals very little damage.
  • Reinforcements: Belail will summon more pawns to aid him in battle, and they will attack you.

Now Belail will finally jump into the arena and you'll need to deal with him. The best attack rotation to follow is to attack Belail, dodge his swarm and melee attacks, and take down the pawns as soon as they are summoned. Simply rinse and repeat this until he enters his third and final phase.  

Belail Phase 3 

  • Fist Slam: Belail employs this AoE attack, which is preceded by a green ring appearing on the ground before striking, giving the player a few seconds to predict and avoid the area of impact. He can slam once or three times in a row, and after the third strike, he will drop an HP globe.
  • Meteor Strike: Belail will drop both limbs into the arena after 50 seconds, after which several small green rings will spawn at random, exploding after two seconds. These rings deal a lot of Lightning damage, so you'll need to get away as quickly as you can if you don't want to die.
  • Breath: Belail will expel a powerful lightning beam that deals significant damage. You can still avoid it by standing near the far left or far right sides of the arena.
Diablo 3 Belail Walkthrough How To Beat Location And Drops Third Phase
Belail's third phase. (Picture: YouTube/ skillfulasian54)

Belail will transform into a giant demonic version of his original form and reset his HP gauge in this phase. He cannot be impaired or affected in any way other than by damaging him during this phase, so you must keep moving to avoid being killed, and never stop attacking him. 

He'll drop an HP globe for every 10% HP he loses, which can come in handy if you're feeling overwhelmed in the fight or your gear isn't as up-to-date as it should be. Just keep attacking and exploiting this, and you should be victorious.

Belail Loot Drops in Diablo 3

Once he is defeated, Belail doesn't have any unique drops, but he does drop some helpful things that can help you on your journey. All the items you can take home after conquering Belail, Ruler of Hell, are listed below:

  • 500 Gold
  • Rapid Kicks
  • Eminence Hope
  • Savage Claw
  • RIng
  • Bloody Levee
  • Rip Lore
  • Break Breaker of Agony
  • x2 Flawless Emerald
  • Flooding Beacon
Diablo 3 Belail Walkthrough How To Beat Location And Loot Drops
Although there aren't any special drops for beating Belail, the drops are still worth getting. (Picture: YouTube/ skillfulasian54)