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Diablo 3 Ghom Boss: Location, How To Beat and Drops

In this guide, we'll show you how to find and defeat Ghom, Lord of Gluttony, in Diablo3 and discuss the rewards you get for defeating it.
Diablo 3 Ghom Boss: Location, How To Beat and Drops

As a Nephalem, you'll be setting out on a journey to defeat the forces of Hell in Diablo 3, and while this means taking on the regular low-rank demons, you will run into more powerful bosses in the game, such as Ghom, Lord of Gluttony, who is far more powerful. If you need some help defeating this behemoth of a demon, then we have you covered in this guide. 

Below you can find everything you need to know to find and defeat Ghom in Diablo 3. We'll also break down the rewards you get for defeating this boss, and why it's worthwhile doing so. 

Ghom, the Lord of Gluttony, is a powerful demon capable of eating Angels according to the lore. He is one of Azmodan's Sin Lieutenants and is the first demon we need to put down to stop the siege of Bastions Keep.

To find this demon, we need to head to The Larder, the arena at the end of the third level of The Keep Depths. He can only be accessed once we've reached Act III during the "The Breached Keep" quest. 

Diablo 3 Ghom How To Beat Location Drops Located in the Larder
Ghom can be found in The Larder when doing Act III. (Picture: YouTube / Dark LORE Dash)

How To Beat Ghom in Diablo 3

Ghom is fairly accurate to his namesake, being the Lord of Gluttony, most of his attacks focus on Poison and physical damage. Luckily he only has one phase, so we've listed all his moves below:

  • Gas Cloud: Ghom summons two clouds of gas that deliver Poison damage over time as long as you stand in them. Clouds only endure for one minute.
  • Bile Spew: Sprays acid at you in a mid-range cone for 2 seconds, causing heavy Poison damage.
  • Slime: A long-range strike that deals Poison damage and summons two Slimes that assault the player indefinitely. When both are slain, a guaranteed Health Globe is dropped.
  • Bite: Melee strike that does medium Physical damage.

This fight is fairly simple to overcome as long as you avoid the Gas Clouds and Acid Sprays, as the Poison damage can be dangerous. If things do get a bit dicey, you can kill one of the slimes to get a Health Globe to drop.

So just keep moving and attacking him, avoiding his poison attacks and dealing as much damage as possible. Doing this will leave you victorious over Ghom in no time. 

Diablo 3 Ghom How To Beat Location Drops beating just dodge attacks and counter
To beat Ghom, simply dodge his poison attacks as best you can and counter when possible. (Picture: YouTube / Dark LORE Dash)

Ghom Loot Drops in Diablo 3

Ghom does not have any unique drops if beaten, however, he does drop several useful items that might aid you on your adventure. The following are all the goods you'll take home after defeating Ghom, Lord of Gluttony:

  • 2475 XP
  • 790 Gold
  • Mending Bracelets of the Hawk
  • Balanced Executioner Sword
  • Faulds
  • Spaulders
  • Major Health Potion
  • Chipped Ruby