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BTS Pro Series Dota 2 match-fixing scandal sees Team PlusOne banned

Beyond the Summit has banned Dota 2 squad Team PlusOne after BTS Pro Series match-fixing allegations.

In May, the Chinese juggernauts Newbee received a lifetime ban from CDA and ImbaTV due to match-fixing in Dota 2. Now, during the BTS Pro Series Season 2 North America, Team PlusOne has been banned by Beyond the Summit.


BTS Pro Series match-fixing

Team PlusOne was competing in the group stage of the BTS Pro Series Season 2 North America online tournament. While playing a match, some players in the Team PlusOne squad disconnected, allegedly trying to sway the results of the match.

Team PlusOne still won the match, due to a massive performance by the remaining members of their team. However, fans were sure some players of the team tried to throw the match. 

Since the incident occurred a few days ago, tournament organizer Beyond the Summit has been investigating the alleged Dota 2 match-fixing. Now, Team PlusOne has been banned from the BTS Pro Series, and all future BTS tournaments.



At the time of writing, Valve has not provided an official response to the BTS Pro Series match-fixing scandal involving Team PlusOne. According to Beyond the Summit, the evidence of match-fixing is confirmed.

With Team PlusOne removed from the BTS Pro Series Season 2 North America, their final matches have been cancelled, and wins got awarded to their opponents.

Nicolás "Wij" Moreno and David “dnm” Cossio have not been issued the same indefinite ban as their teammates.



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