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China's longest-running Dota 2 League, the DPL, returns for seventh edition

Mars Media has announced the return of the longest-running Chinese Dota 2 League. The DPL and DPLS will be played entirely online starting 4th April 2020.
Mars Media has announced the return of the Dota 2 Professional League (DPL). The DPL is the longest-running Chinese Dota 2 league, and it is coming back after a one-year hiatus.

The DPL started back in 2016, and at the time, provided over .5 million in prizes. However, it took a break last year to allow top Chinese teams to sharpen their focus on Valve-sanctioned events in the Dota Pro Circuit.


Now, the DPL has returned with $100,000 in prize money. The DPL and the Dota 2 Secondary Professional League (DSPL) will be played entirely online and run from the 4th-26th April 2020.

Mars Media explains in the announcement that:

"After the conclusion of the sixth edition, it was decided that DPL would take a break in order to allow teams to fully focus on Valve sanctioned events as well as international LAN events. The recent circumstances have allowed us to re-introduce both DPL and DSPL, therefore, giving a chance to Chinese teams to practice in preparation for the upcoming events."

Eight of the top Chinese Dota 2 teams have been invited to participate (including two-time winners Vici Gaming) in the DPL, namely:


  • Team Aster
  • CDEC
  • Invictus Gaming
  • Keen Gaming
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • Vici Gaming

An additional eight teams will compete in the DSPL for ,000 in prize money, namely:


  • Blaze
  • Invictus Gaming Vitality
  • EHOME Immortal
  • Look for Smile
  • Luminous
  • Sirius
  • TypHOON
  • You Know Who

All the matches will be broadcasted in Chinese on Douyu, Huya, Huomao and Bilibili. At the time of writing, we don't know where and when the English stream will be

broadcasted. However, Mars Media have stated that additional languages will be announced at a later date.