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Dota 2
Dota 2

ESL One Birmingham Dota 2 event returns for third year

ESL UK has announced they’ll be hosting a Dota 2 event in Birmingham for the third year in a row, with tickets available on Wednesday.

After the Dota 2 Major in Birmingham debuted in 2018, becoming an ESL One event in 2019, the organisation has announced 2020 will see the event return to the UK city.  

ESL One Birmingham will take place from 26 May, ending with the grand finals on 31 May.  

12 teams will compete at the event for a $300,000 (£230,760) prize pool. There’ll also be signing sessions with players, stations to win prizes and shops with merchandise.  

CEO at ESL UK, James Dean, said: “We’re extremely proud of what ESL One Birmingham means to the Dota 2 community. With the support of players, partners and fans, Birmingham is a truly unique tournament and atmosphere which will no doubt deliver yet more unforgettable moments again this year. 

“We’re hugely thankful to each and everyone involved and would like to show our gratitude not only by providing a world-class final at the highest production level, but also by bringing even more excitement, features, and catchy chants to the Birmingham Arena.” 

The past two ESL Dota 2 events in Birmingham have become a rare opportunity to see a high-profile esports event on UK shores, so another is a promising sign for the UK scene generally.  

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 22 January at 3pm GMT and will be available here.