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Dota 2
Dota 2

Frostivus event and Ogre Magi Arcana come to Dota 2

Christmas has arrived just in time for players and plenty of content can be purchased and unlocked including the TI9 Arcana vote winner’s item.
The latest Dota 2 update has brought the festive Frostivus event and a new item for the ogre hero.

Following a fan vote during The International 2019, Ogre Magi was selected as the hero to receive a new Arcana item.

Ogre Magi’s new item is called Flockheart’s Gamble and players who purchase it before 18th January 2020 will unlock an 'EXALTED' version.

Flockheart is a firelark trusting that the Goddess of Luck will help her survive the trials standing between her and a reunion with her flock even if the Ogre she accompanies seems like a questionable guardian.

As standard, the Arcana includes all-new animations, new Fireblast, Ignite, and stun effects, custom ambient effects, custom Hand of Midas effects, over 300 new exclusive voice-lines and even the occasional surprise egg.

Also, when playing, the Goddess of Luck blesses spells with expertise-enhanced effects and a streak indicator will appear over Ogre Magi's heads when stringing together five successive Multicasts or more.

There's no limit or maximum to this streak and getting ten-streak Multicasts across games will earn gem points towards the second style unlock, Resplendent Firelark, priced at 500 gem points.

Flockheart’s Gamble's price is $34.99 on Steam via the Dota 2 store.


In addition to this Arcana, the Frostivus event has also dropped.

With a special Rewards Line, each victory in normal matchmaking will see players progress along it to gain gifts, ‘penguin-inclusive’ celebrations, chat wheel sounds and Winter Treasure.

Winter Treasure, available for $2.49, contains new item sets for Ancient Apparition, Death Prophet, Treant Protector, Bane, Alchemist, Leshrac, Sven, Dark Willow, and Mirana — plus a very rare Ursa set and extremely rare Tiny set.

The Frostivus celebrations come to Dota two days after a game update that brought the Strict Solo Matchmaking option back for fast queue games and further improvements to the matchmaking and MMR systems.