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Frostivus event and Ogre Magi Arcana come to Dota 2

Christmas has arrived just in time for players and plenty of content can be purchased and unlocked including the TI9 Arcana vote winner’s item.
Frostivus event and Ogre Magi Arcana come to Dota 2
The latest Dota 2 update has brought the festive Frostivus event and a new item for the ogre hero.

Following a fan vote during The International 2019, Ogre Magi was selected as the hero to receive a new Arcana item.

Ogre Magi’s new item is called Flockheart’s Gamble and players who purchase it before 18th January 2020 will unlock an 'EXALTED' version.

Flockheart is a firelark trusting that the Goddess of Luck will help her survive the trials standing between her and a reunion with her flock even if the Ogre she accompanies seems like a questionable guardian.

As standard, the Arcana includes all-new animations, new Fireblast, Ignite, and stun effects, custom ambient effects, custom Hand of Midas effects, over 300 new exclusive voice-lines and even the occasional surprise egg.

Also, when playing, the Goddess of Luck blesses spells with expertise-enhanced effects and a streak indicator will appear over Ogre Magi's heads when stringing together five successive Multicasts or more.

There's no limit or maximum to this streak and getting ten-streak Multicasts across games will earn gem points towards the second style unlock, Resplendent Firelark, priced at 500 gem points.

Flockheart’s Gamble's price is $34.99 on Steam via the Dota 2 store.


In addition to this Arcana, the Frostivus event has also dropped.

With a special Rewards Line, each victory in normal matchmaking will see players progress along it to gain gifts, ‘penguin-inclusive’ celebrations, chat wheel sounds and Winter Treasure.

Winter Treasure, available for $2.49, contains new item sets for Ancient Apparition, Death Prophet, Treant Protector, Bane, Alchemist, Leshrac, Sven, Dark Willow, and Mirana — plus a very rare Ursa set and extremely rare Tiny set.

The Frostivus celebrations come to Dota two days after a game update that brought the Strict Solo Matchmaking option back for fast queue games and further improvements to the matchmaking and MMR systems.