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Learn about Valora the Dawnbreaker, the newest hero of Dota 2

Dota 2’s patch 7.29 has brought many changes, including a new melee hero armed with a celestial hammer, who will fight the forces of chaos and darkness.
Learn about Valora the Dawnbreaker, the newest hero of Dota 2
A new update has arrived in Dota 2, which in addition to many changes expected by the entire community, has brought with it the debut of a new heroine to the game, with powerful abilities that allow her to face multiple enemies at the same time with the power of his hammer.

She knows all the abilities and background of Dawnbreaker, a new warrior who shines in the heart of battle, happily crushing enemies with her celestial hammer and using the energy released to heal nearby allies.

Dawnbreaker’s backstory

According to her lore, in the aeons after the Keeper's exodus birthed the age of light, some amongst the first sun's lineage began to align against the chaos their ancestor's maker left chasing in his wake.

Calling themselves the Children of Light, they saw no one else as worthy of taking up the Keeper's abandoned mantle, and they yearned to beat back the onslaught of darkness, creating glorious armies built to purge the cosmos of all creatures of primordial night.

Valora, the Dawnbreaker, the most prized warrior amongst the Children's ancient creations, is the shining herald of the majesty of order and light.

Moulded from the heart of a young metallic star, and charged by golden breath with new life, Valora was called to spread the glow of the Children's wisdom to the darkest reaches of the universe, setting fire to the heavens with each swing of her celestial hammer amidst the endless battle to keep chaos at bay.

Dawnbreaker’s abilities

Being created to rival ancient forces of chaos and darkness by descendants of the first light, Dawnbreaker only taps her true cosmic power to fly to the aid of her teammates, eager to rout her enemies on the battlefield no matter where they may be.

Her skill set is focused on combating lots of enemies around with her great strength, shocking everyone and leaping to aid her allies, wherever they are on the map.

With her Starbreaker (Q), Valora will spin her hammer three times, damaging surrounding enemies with a damage bonus. On the final blow, she will hit the ground with her stunning hammer, damaging the units in front of her.

Using her Celestial Hammer (W), the Dawnbreaker will hurl her weapon at a target, damaging enemies struck along the way. The hammer pauses for 2.0 seconds at the destination before flying back to her, leaving a trail of fire that slows enemies. You can recall her hammer at any time, pulling her towards it so they meet in the middle.

Her Luminosity (E) allows Valora to, after 3 attacks, power up and charge her next attack with a critical hit that heals all allied heroes within 650 units around her for a portion of attack damage dealt. Creeps and neutral enemies will provide less healing and allies will be healed for 35% of the amount.

Finally, with her Ultimate, Solar Guardian (R), the Dawnbreaker can create a pulsing effect at a location within 350 units of an allied hero anywhere on the map, damaging enemies and healing allies with each pulse.

After a short duration, she will fly to the target location, dealing additional damage and stunning enemies upon landing. Be aware that once channelled, this ability cannot be stopped.

As part of the update and along with the arrival of Valora, lots of changes to the map, characters and items were introduced in patch 7.29.

You can also take a deep look at her statistics on her character page, to prepare to use her in-game at her best, now that the Dawnbreaker is available in Dota 2.


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