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Who Is Muerta? Dota 2's Newest Hero Announced At TI11

Valve recently unveiled its newest hero in Dota 2, Muerta. Here's everything we know, including her release date, skills, abilities, and more!
Who Is Muerta? Dota 2's Newest Hero Announced At TI11

Following tradition, Valve recently dropped a bombshell announcement ahead of The International 2022 Grand Finals. Muerta, the latest addition to the Dota 2 hero roster, will be available early next year. While details regarding the new hero are relatively scarce, one thing is certain: fans are excited to learn more about who Muerta is in Dota and the havoc she will bring to the lanes in 2023.

Dota 2 Muerta Announced At The International 2022

muerta dota 2 hero release date
Muerta is expected to release in early 2023. (Picture: Valve / The International)

As mentioned earlier, Muerta will arrive to "haunt the lanes" of Dota 2 in "early 2023." While Valve has not indicated precisely what Muerta's release date is, we can speculate that she will debut sometime in January or February next year. Valve followed her reveal with an official post via Twitter on 30 October 2022.

As for Muerta's abilities, there's absolutely no information available yet. Still, hopefully, we can draw some inferences from her teaser reveal at The International 2022. Muerta's dialog goes: "Suffered the atrocities of the living and followed the trails of the damned. On both sides of the spirit veil, they whisper my name and fear me far more than death."

From this, it seems likely that Muerta could be connected to Phantom Assassin, a member of the Sisters of the Veil in Dota 2 lore. Although I initially thought Muerta would share links with Wraith King, given that the image below seems to resemble Muerta being in a sort of wraith-like state. Otherwise, Twitter users seem to think she looks more like a Death Prophet Arcana (as did I)! What do you think?

when does muerta release in dota 2
Muerta will walk between the living and the dead. (Picture: Valve / The International)

Muerta is the 124th hero to join the Dota 2 playable characters roster and follows the recently introduced Primal Beast. As a gun-wielding hero, Muerta is likely a ranged carry in Dota 2 (or so I hope). My best guess (considering the aforementioned connection with the Sisters of the Veil) is that Muerta will be an Agility-based hero like Sniper.

Unfortunately, that's everything we know about Dota 2's Muerta. While I know that it's not much to go on (in fact, it's nothing to go on), rest assured I will update this article with more information as soon as it becomes available.

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Featured image courtesy of Dota 2 / Valve.