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When Does Next Dota 2 Update Come Out? - Patch 7.35 Release Date

Here's everything you need to know about the next Dota 7.35 patch update, including when it releases and what to expect.
When Does Next Dota 2 Update Come Out? - Patch 7.35 Release Date
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Are you wondering when the next Dota 2 patch update will come out? You're not alone. Marking a decade-long journey, it's only natural that avid Dota enthusiasts might be left wondering about the timeline for the next Dota 2 gameplay update.

Historically, Valve has timed major updates strategically, often factoring in tournament schedules and player feedback. While specifics remain under wraps, we can sometimes make an educated guess. This guide explores when and what you might expect from the upcoming Dota 7.35 patch.

Updated on 30 November 2023: Dota 2 patch 7.35 will probably only release in the next few months. On the bright side, players can look forward to Frostivus returning very soon.

When Will Dota Patch 7.35 Come Out? Release Date

While there's currently no official release date for Dota 2 patch 7.35, it's expected that the next update will launch post-The International 2023. This reasoning is grounded in Valve's historical tendency to release significant updates after major tournaments, but it was also explicitly mentioned in a previous blog post:

We're already working on future updates with different focuses and we know you're excited to learn more about the next big patch, and the next set of arcanas, and everything else we're working on — but that's for after the champions claim the Aegis

In a more recent blog post, Valve added:

All cards on the table, the event surrounding the Arcanas this year has gained a few more moving parts than we initially planned. Enough that we haven't finished everything yet, and won't this year, but we're looking forward to releasing it in the next few months. And that's not even getting into all the other updates we've got planned

Doing so gives the developers ample time to factor in feedback from the tournament's gameplay and avoids disrupting the meta right before such a high-stakes event. Waiting until after The International also ensures a smoother transition for players and competitive dynamics.

While the release date has yet to be confirmed, the bigger question remains: What changes and updates will the 7.35 patch bring to the game?

What To Expect From Dota Patch 7.33?


It isn't easy to forecast what Dota 7.35 might bring, but in general, here are a few general content additions and features that you could expect in the upcoming update.

  • New Heroes: Dota 2 patches sometimes introduce new heroes, which shakes up the meta and forces players to adapt their strategies. However, the likelihood of this happening directly before The International 2023 is very slim.
  • Balance Changes: Valve regularly tweaks heroes and items in Dota 2 to ensure game balance. This could be anything from adjusting a hero's stats, changing how an ability works, or altering the cost or effects of an item.
  • Map Updates: Dota 2's map isn't static. Valve sometimes changes the map layout, the locations of neutral camps, or the functionality of runes. However, with the TI drawing near, it's not likely Valve will usher in major map reworks.
  • Mechanical Changes: These can be big or small, but they usually impact how the game is played on a fundamental level. Past examples include changes to how vision works, updates to the matchmaking system, and modifications to the game's economy.
  • New Features and Modes: This could include new gameplay modes, UI changes, or enhancements to existing features like the spectator system or Dota Plus.
  • Cosmetic Items: Valve often releases new skins, animations, and other cosmetic items alongside its patches. While the reflective blog post Valve released in late June noted a detraction from cosmetics, it's possible that we could still get new item sets (albeit with far less emphasis). 

And that's everything you need to know about the latest patch update release date. For specifics about Dota 2 update 7.35, please refer to the official patch notes published by Valve or trusted Dota 2 community resources.