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When Does Next Dota 2 Update Come Out? - Patch 7.33 Release Date

Here's everything you need to know about the next Dota 7.33 patch update, including when it releases and what to expect.
When Does Next Dota 2 Update Come Out? - Patch 7.33 Release Date

Dota 2 players, prepare to sharpen your skills and fine-tune your strategies because the next big patch update is on its way! With the recent 7.32e patch bringing Muerta to the game, the update lacked many other major reworks and changes, leaving players desperate for more. While Valve, the developer of Dota 2, has been tight-lipped about the release date of the next Dota 7.33 patch, we've got some inside scoop for you. Here's everything we know about when the next Dota update will release.

Updated on 23 March 2023: Dota 7.33 patch will release in late April 2023. The developer Valve has still not provided an exact release date and no further information about the new patch has come available. We will keep this page updated and notify you of any further changes.

When Will Dota Patch 7.33 Come Out? Release Date

After many weeks of suspense, it was suspected that the new Dota 2 patch would release at the end of the Lima Major 2023; however, Dota 2's community manager Wykrhm Reddy confirmed via Twitter that Dota 2 7.33 will release sometime in late April 2023. Still, the more important question remains: What can you expect from the new Dota 7.33 patch once it is released?

What To Expect From Dota Patch 7.33?

Many players expected that Muerta, a ranged Agility-based hero with connections to Revenant's Broach, Phantom Assassin, and the Sisters of the Veil, would release in Dota 7.33; however, the hero was released in a surprise 7.32e "Dead Reckoning" gameplay update in early March, along with a brand-new mini-game.

That said, it is uncertain what will be included in Dota patch 7.33, but the map will likely receive a significant overhaul. The current map is balanced, except for the death choke near Rosh and the placement of pull camps, which could use some adjustments. The new patch will also include changes to items and heroes, including potential two potential new Neutral Items: Harpoon and Dimensional Doorway.

Harpoon (potential new Neutral Item)

Harpoon looks like a mini Pudge hook, which could be perfect for closing the distance on enemies (and a great Neutral for Razor!)

Dimensional Doorway (potential new Neutral Item)

Dimensional Doorway is another potential new Neutral Item, possibly available during the game's later stages. It appears to be a longer-range Blink Dagger.

New Items Leaked

That's everything we know about Dota 7.33 right now. It's not much, but it's something.