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The International 9 prize pool breakdown revealed

The prize pool breakdown for Dota 2's The International 9 has been revealed, and it's safe to say some players will be leaving Shanghai very happy at the end of August.

Shortly after the Fortnite World Cup gave out the biggest prize pool in esports history with a total $30million on the line, Battle Pass sales in Dota 2 will be breaking the record once again just a month later, with the current crowdfunding efforts up to $32.89m with another week to go until the event starts on August 15.


The prize pool breakdown is as follows:

  • 1st – 45.5% ($14,599,910+)
  • 2nd – 13% ($4,171,403+)
  • 3rd – 9% ($2,887,895+)
  • 4th – 6% ($1,925,262+)
  • 5/6th – 3.5% ($1,123,070+)
  • 7/8th – 2.5% ($802,193+)
  • 9-12th – 2% ($641,754+)
  • 13-16th – 1.5% ($481,316+)
  • 17-18th – 0.25% ($80,219+)

There's been some debate in the Dota 2 community that this prize split isn't ideal, with many arguing that the lower teams should get more of a share of the prize pool for qualifying to the biggest tournament in esports.

Regardless, a lot of people are making a lot money this month, with TI9 taking place August 15-25 and even more money set to be raised.

Jacob Hale

Jacob Hale

Written by GINX redaction

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