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TobiWan dropped from BtS cast and Valve remove voice from T10 battle pass after sexual assault allegations

Beyond the Summit will no longer be working with Toby “TobiWan” Dawson after a number of allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against him.
TobiWan dropped from BtS cast and Valve remove voice from T10 battle pass after sexual assault allegations

In a statement David “LD” Gorman, co-founder of Beyond the Summit and fellow DotA 2 commentator, confirmed they would no longer be working with TobiWan in the wake of sexual assault allegations made against him.


TobiWan Toby dawson rape, tobiwan beyond the summit sexual assault
TobiWan had been a familiar sight at Beyond the Summit events. (Picture: Toby “TobiWan” Dawson)


This comes after a number of women have come forward to accuse TobiWan of sexual misconduct, both publicly and anonymously. Most shockingly, DotA cosplayer Meruna has made vocal statements against Dawson, coming forward with a TwitLonger detailing how Dawson “initiated sexual activity with [Meruna] against [her] clear and repeated wishes.”



Significantly, Meruna is in a long term relationship with Troels “syndreN” Nielsen, with whom Toby had formed a famous casting duo. syndreN has stated he will no longer be working with Dawson in light of this.




This is the latest allegation in an ongoing movement of people, a majority of whom are women, who have been coming forward on Twitter to share stories of sexual abuse and harassment within gaming and streaming.

While a great many allegations have come out, this is perhaps the highest-profile case as yet. TobiWan has been called the voice of DotA and is perhaps best known for his famous call, “No-one has ever done that in the history of DotA.” 

TobiWan has since made a response in the form of a TwitLonger, having deleted his initial response. In it, he acknowledged some of the allegations, including an event in which he removed a condom mid-intercourse without consent.



In response to the situation, Valve have made the decision to remove Dawson’s voice lines from The International 10’s Battle Pass.