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Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Customization, Alternate Outfits Revealed

New details about Dragon Ball Sparking Zero customization have been revealed, including how alternate outfits will work.
Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Customization, Alternate Outfits Revealed
Bandai Namco

While we're still a few months out from the Dragon Ball Sparking Zero release date, additional details continue to arrive as Bandai Namco shows fans more and more of this Budokai Tenkaichi revival. One big question mark before now was exactly how specifics of character outfits would operate, as we've already seen via the Dragon Ball Sparking Zero roster that multiple versions and forms of characters from different eras will be included. Thanks to an early Beginner's Guide drop from Bandai Namco, we know how accessories and outfit changes will work in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Alternate Outfit Customization Revealed


Above is the first glimpse at the customization screen in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero, and it confirms a few aspects of how characters can be altered. Goku (Super) means this is specific customization options and outfits for that Goku form, with at least five outfits (and possibly more) able to be chosen. While outfit changes will not alter character stats in any way, they can occasionally alter that form's moveset.

Accessories will be available to both recreate specific special moves and offer cosmetic looks. The three confirmed are the Halo, Scooter, and Aura, but there are sure to be plenty more unlockable accessories in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. The Halo and damaged attire look actually help explain a recent batch of gameplay footage which showcased Goku with the Halo, a nod to his post-Cell Saga look.

While not shown, they also mention in the reveal that certain character types will have additional characteristics and abilities which can be customized before battle. Lastly, you'll be able to enhance abilities like Speed, Strength, or HP with Ability Items. There's still some waiting before players can try these out for themselves, but it looks like the expansive roster will offer even more personalization so players can fight the way they want.