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EA Sports College Football 25 Features and Gameplay

All confirmed EA Sports College Football 25 features and gameplay explained.
EA Sports College Football 25 Features and Gameplay
EA Sports

After months with basically no real information, the first official reveal trailer offered players the first glimpse at EA Sports College Football 25 gameplay. Much of the fanfare early on focused on presentation, and there's no doubt the sheer atmosphere is a feature many fans will love.

In the weeks leading up to launch, new details will continue to be revealed about all the EA Sports College Football 25 features and how core gameplay will work. If you're not yet ready to pull the trigger on an EA Sports College Football 25 pre order, we'll help break down exactly what players will have in store when the release date arrives.

EA Sports College Football 25 Features

CFB25_Pre-Snap Recognition

Ever since the game was announced, there's been some valid concern from fans that EA Sports College Football 25 would end up being a Madden clone with college teams. We've known from the beginning that they're not using the exact same development team, and it's been pushed as a fully unique game. 

The initial EA Sports College Football 25 reveal trailer and details on features have given us a little to work with, but not enough to confirm just how similar or different the overall experience will feel compared to Madden. One area where College Football 25 looks poised to genuinely outshine Madden is pure presentation, as they've built in everything from mascots to pre-game rituals to fight songs.

They're using CampusIQ to describe the gameplay system, which is the same sort of nothing phrase as FieldSENSE for Madden, and so far the actual mechanics of the animations and physics systems look roughly in line with what we've seen from Madden in recent years. Some reports indicate the gameplay will feel notably faster than Madden, but we're still waiting on more in-game footage.

College Football 25 Gameplay


EA Sports College Football 25 is PS5 and Xbox Series X|S exclusive, and it appears to be using many of the same upgrades Madden made exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions in their last few releases. Two of the gameplay mechanics do sound significantly different, and they could have a major ripple effect on gameplay.

The first is a new Wear & Tear system with more management of player health, fatigue, and injury risk that should make substitutions a critical part of some games. Secondly, they've described an all-new composure system that could shift the balance when using skilled seniors compared to unproven freshman. Lastly, one aspect that feels directly pulled from Madden is the Homefield Advantage mechanic.

Madden 22 was the first to introduce Dynamic Gameday which used a Momentum Meter to give teams extra benefits when they have the edge at home. Details about the College Football 25 features describe Homefield Advantage as including screen shaking, missing pre-play icons, and moving play art, which are exactly the impacts seen from Dynamic Gameday in Madden.

With the EA Sports College Football 25 release date still weeks away, we're far from done getting looks at this series revival. The hype has been going for years, but each new trailer and deep dive should reveal more about the gridiron action due to arrive.