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FromSoftware Director Says Using Guides Is Valid but Shouldn’t Be Required to Play Their Games

FromSoft director understands the use of guides to complete their games but doesn't want it to be a requirement.
FromSoftware Director Says Using Guides Is Valid but Shouldn’t Be Required to Play Their Games

If you've played any FromSoft game such as Elden Ring, chances are you've used a guide to find items or navigate your next steps. Interestingly, the game's director considers this a legitimate approach to playing, albeit with a minor condition that we feel is extremely fair.

So let's delve into why the director at FromSoft supports the use of guides in their games while emphasizing that it should remain optional for good reason.

FromSoftware Director Says Using Guides Is Valid but Shouldn’t Be Required to Play Their Games

During a recent interview with FromSoftware's president and creative director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, PC Gamer brought up the topic of players using guides to navigate through their games, particularly titles like Elden Ring and the Dark Souls series. Miyazaki expressed full approval of players using guides but emphasized that it shouldn't be a necessity (from a developer's perspective).

From Soft Director Claims Guides Are Good But Shouldnt Be Necessary
Miyazaki has said that guides are expected and encouraged for their games, but they want to ensure their games' design doesn't make it a requirement. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Miyazaki first acknowledged, "Of course, players are going to consult guides, and there's going to be a wealth of information on the web and in their communities where they have access to the secrets and the strategies. We expect that." However, he added a crucial point, stating, "We obviously understand [players use guides], but we don't make or plan anything with that as a prerequisite. If anything, we try to cater to the player who is completely blind and wants to go through organically. If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf, and we'd like to try to embrace those players more in the future."

This approach aligns with FromSoftware's philosophy in game development and how they cater to their fanbase, likely contributing to their tremendous popularity. They recognize their games' complexity and the occasional need for guidance but aim to design experiences where players can progress without feeling compelled to rely on external help, and we'll likely see this approach in the upcoming Shadow of The Erdtree DLC.

Balancing accessibility with the hallmark obscurity of FromSoftware's games presents a challenge, given their reputation for intricate, cryptic storytelling that rewards exploration and discovery. Yet, Miyazaki believes that by refining their approach, they can improve accessibility without sacrificing the essence that defines their games. This ongoing evolution could solidify FromSoftware's position as one of the industry's leading developers, further elevating their craft and appeal.